Bret Michaels Condition – Still in the Hospital

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47-year-old Bret Michaels called an ambulance on Thursday after feeling like he was “hit in the head with a baseball bat over and over again”.  He was rushed to an undisclosed hospital. Testing revealed that  Bret Michaels had suffered a massive sub-arachnoid hemorrhage.

The pain of the brain hemorrhage is a signature symptom of a bleed he is experiencing at the base of his brain stem.  Michaels is currently in the Intense Care Unit,  being cared for by neurosurgeons in Arizona. Posted Sunday on his official website, a statement confirmed that doctors are trying to pin-point the source of the cerebral bleed.

Joann Mignano, Michaels rep says that he is under 24-hour observation. Just before he was taken into emergency care on Thursday, he blogged that he was not feeling 100% after the emergency appendectomy earlier this month.

Michaels was due to perform at Sea World in San Antonio, Texas on April 12th, when a suspected case of stomach flu turned out to be acute appendicitis. He blogged on April 17th that he was told that if he had gone on stage to perform, he would have likely ruptured the appendicitis and could have died. A rep for the rocker stated on his website that while doctors were optimistic about a full recovery after the appendicitis, Michaels was very exhausted from his rigorous schedule prior to the surgery and the fact that he has diabetes puts him at risk.

Michaels is getting conscious but he is experiencing slurred speech due to the hemorrhage but doctors believe that Michaels’ condition will be back to normal according to his publicist. Michael’s publicist also said that Bret is a fighter and when treatment is over, they are hoping that his speech, blurred vision and dizziness will be eliminated and he will function normally. Michaels is undergoing a series of tests in order for the medical staff to discover the source of his hemorrhage.

Bret Micahles is an American singer. He is best known for his rise to fame as the lead vocalist of 80’s hair band Poison. He is also known for his solo albums and most recently for being a part of the VH1’s reality show Rock of Love and its sequels. Michaels has also starred as a judge on the talent show Nashville Star, and constestant on NBC’s reality show Celebrity Apprentice 3 with Donald Trump.

Bret Michaels is receiving overwhelming support from fans and colleagues online;


Sending our thoughts and prayers out to @bretmichaels and his family. Get well soon!

A fan writes on his FaceBook:

“Bret, my thoughts and PRAYERS are going out to you. Please Lord, help this amazing, kind wonderful soul of a human being heal quickly and completely. He is a wonderful source of inspiration to many. This world needs more People like Bret Michaels in it. Keep him safe and please Lord, help him heal.”

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