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Inauguration Day Performers: Yays and Nays

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There’s no question that this election has been one of the most controversial to date. The emotional response to Donald Trump winning the election has ranged from mournful tears to loud cheers and celebration. The number of requests for the Inauguration Day lineup is enough to prove that this presidency was far from a “united” decision.

So who exactly agreed to play?

You may remember the powerful, small voice of a 10-year-old girl in the America’s Got Talent competition of 2000. The young star’s voice left her audiences breathless. Jackie Evancho, now 16, has continued producing music over the last six years and agreed to sing at Trump’s Inauguration. She performed the national anthem.

The most famous performer on the schedule is multi-award winning country-artist Toby Keith. Keith has performed for our military on many USO tours, for Obama, and for Bush, and wouldn’t miss an opportunity to perform for this country. His loyalty to not only country music, but to those who serve our country is evident in his decision to perform.

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Another country-artist, Lee Greenwood, is set to perform his famous patriotic tune ‘God Bless the U.S.A.’. Greenwood had the opportunity to perform this song at the Inauguration of Ronald Reagan, George Bush, and George W. Bush, and is honored to be able to play it again.

Other talent includes: 3 Doors Down, The Rockettes, The Piano Guys, military bands, and more.

Who turned down the offer?

It might seem shocking that artists would turn down the opportunity of a lifetime, singing in support of our entire country and celebrating the next season of presidency, but after this election, there little room left for shock.

Charlotte Church adamantly put her foot down, denying to have any part in the Inauguration, expressing herself very cleraly over Twitter.

When Moby was asked to DJ, he laughed.

And despite rumors, R. Kelly tweeted his disinterest as well.

Others who have rejected playing include Elton John, Rebecca Ferguson, and the B Street Cover Band.

For other artists, the intense response of the press quickly changed their RSVP to a solid “no thank you”.
Both Andrea Bocelli and Garth Brooks were part of the original lineup before realizing the impact that their performance would have on their following. 

No matter what side of the fence you are on, welcome to the next four years, America.

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