Beyonce Celebrates 34th Birthday. Why should we care?

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September 4 marks the birthday of singer Beyonce, aka Bee, Queen Bee, Sasha Fierce and her fans are out in force on social media wishing happy #beyday to their idol. But why do so many care about the singer/dancer/style icon/mogul?

As a casual observer of media and naysayer to most celebrity hype, I must admit that Beyonce seems different to me than her media hogging cohorts. Perhaps it’s my nostalgic connection to 90s pop music that is at the root of the infatuation with Bee. Beyonce started on her path to super-stardom in 1990 when Destiny’s Child jumped onto the scene (did you do the math? That’s 25 years ago…and now we all feel old).

While Destiny’s Child has been tucked into the history books, they still know how to work it. Back in 2013 Beyonce was headlining the Super Bowl Half time show, they broke out into this number…

Beyoncé reunited all of Destiny’s children for her epic Super Bowl Halftime Show, further showcasing her badassery in the performance department.

The Super Bowl Show was an accumulation of a number of huge career milestones that Miss Bee has hit. One of the biggest milestones, you could say, was the release of this video in 2008, which sealed her place in history as a music and entertainment icon:

Also in 2008, on April 4, Beyonce married Jay Z and formed a power couple worth over $1 billion. In 2011 the couple famously announced their pregnancy at the 2011 VMAs. Not a bad way to get a little publicity.

On January 7, 2012 Blue Ivy was born, and their mom-daughter relationship couldn’t be cuter. They even wear matching swim suits.

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Blue kisses???? A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

After a whirl wind of success, which are too numerous to mention here, Beyonce was given a great honor to perform the National Anthem at the 2013 Obama Inauguration. While that performance was met with criticism of lip-syncing, it was still epic.

I could go on and on, but I’ll spare you. All in all, Beyonce is a force to be reckoned with. In browsing through her Instagram account, it’s absolutely clear that she is a beautiful person. Not only has she graced Vogue…

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…she has also traveled the world. And she isn’t afraid to show a softer side:

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Beyonce is someone that every woman wishes they could be in some form or another. She is living her dream, is incredibly successful and has a beautiful family. In a world of constant media scrutiny, she has remained strong, beautiful and approachable. Somehow, after gracing the cover of Vogue and singing on the biggest stages in the world, she is still someone I can relate to. And for this writer, who is a self-described person who DGAF about celebrities, all I want to do right now is wish Beyonce a very, very happy birthday. You go Queen Bee.


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