Ascension Day Origin – June 2nd

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June 2nd is traditionally known as Ascension Day, being forty days after Easter, the day of Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead.

The Biblical passage in Acts chapter 1 says that around forty days after Jesus was crucified on the cross (Good Friday) and raised from the dead three days later (Easter), he had reappeared to his disciples and shared with them a challenge asking them to stay in Jerusalem until they felt empowered to go and share the Good News of his love and offer of life.

After he was done speaking, Acts says he was lifted up into the heavens and a cloud hid him from their sight.

Two men then appeared in white garments and said, “Men of Galilee, why do you stand gazing up into heaven? This same Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven, will so come in like manner as you saw Him go into heaven.”

In promising Jesus’ return back to earth, they offered the disciples hope that they would see their friend again.

Since May 21st, much talk has talk has come and gone regarding a rapture and Christ’s return. As is obvious, there has been no rapture. Christian teachings presented many challenges to the May 21st prediction. Just 12 days later, many churches will celebrate Ascension Day with feasts and gatherings.

Bees likely have been dive bombing the White House lawn since
swamp flowers grew on it. The Obamas are the first White House
residents to ask that a hive be put on the grounds so that they
might share in the honey. The beekeeper, Charlie Brandts, is also a
White House carpenter. He has a difficult job when he goes out to
the hives, especially if he is using smoke to quiet the bees.
He began extracting honey from the hive in June and removed the
last of it in November. The taste of the honey changed according
to what kinds of flowers the bees were visiting. They had their pick
of cherry, clover and basswood blossoms at the nearby Washington
Monument;the bees enjoyed licorice-y anise hyssop at home.
Honey made its way into many White House meals.
The bees’ house is a sort of split-level contemporary unlike the
classical home First Families occupy. The hive is boxy, with each box
containing sliding frames –– they go up and down for easy removal
–– a fact probably lost on the bees when they move in. During the
course of their residence, the bees keep naturally busy filling frame
cells with the fruit of their labor: honey. The bees signal a full frame
by capping their work with beeswax. Then along comes Brandts
who whooshes the frame away.
Like many people with good connections to beekeepers, Mrs.
Obama gave away jars of honey as gifts. In her case, the packaging
was really special. Having decided to give take-home remembrances
to the spouses of visiting world leaders at the G-20 Pittsburgh Summit,
she used hand-blown glass vases designed exclusively for the
occasion, and signed the tag on each one.
All told, the White House hive produced 134 pounds of honey in its
first season –– about 11 gallons.
It accompanied baked apples and livened up salad dressings. It also
sweetened White House cupcakes and Halloween treats.

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