Artificial Intelligence Will Play a Big Role in Fighting Climate Change

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Artificial intelligence continues to make leaps and bounds in becoming a sophisticated tool that will be used to face a multitude of threats we currently face. One of the more pressing issues is climate change, and it turns out that AI could be a huge help in helping save our dying planet. 

A paper published in the MIT Technology Review had the leading minds in AI research proposing how this technology can be used to fight climate change. The authors argue that AI will be “invaluable” in preventing the harmful side effects of climate change, but it will require an equal push on the political side to truly make a difference. 

Nevertheless, they point out some pretty neat ways AI can be used in mitigating the effects of climate change. The authors write “Technology alone is not enough.” They continue “While we hope that ML [machine learning] will be useful in reducing the costs associated with climate action, humanity also must decide to act.” Here are some of the fields that could be helped by AI as suggested by the authors of the paper. 

Create better electricity systems 

By better utilizing our electrical grids to eliminate waste and better integrate renewable sources, AI can help make the most of our electricity. This is especially so in densely packed cities, where electrical grids are often overtaxed from considerable usage. 

Overhaul transportation

One of the biggest pollution emitters is the transportation sector. AI could help optimize the way we move around, making this sector more energy efficient while at the same time limiting CO2 emissions. 

Monitor deforestation 

Another big contributor to climate change is the fact that our forests are continually devastated by industries hungry for resources. This unsustainable practice is often carried out in secret, making it difficult to monitor the rate at which our forests are decimated. AI could be used to better implement satellite imagery to pinpoint areas that are experiencing a loss of forestry. 

Extreme weather prediction 

Extreme weather has been a real problem in the last decade, with major events like tropical storms, flooding, and severe drought. By using AI to model these events, scientists will be able to better predict extreme weather which in turn will allow government to better prepare for the destruction they are capable of causing. 

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