Apple’s Reality Tv Show: Planet of the Apps

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Apple just released the first trailer for the upcoming show named, Planet of the Apps, featuring some of the world’s greatest app developers, experts and celebrities. The show is similar to Shark Tank in that it asks entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas for new apps to a panel of specialists.

The judges for the show include, who was the mastermind who pitched the idea for the show to Apple. Other judges include Gary Vaynerchuk, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jessica Alba. In the trailer, the spokesperson said that these judges are, “some of the most culturally influenced entrepreneurs.” The contestants will have 60 seconds to pitch their ideas to the panel of successful judges, who will then turn into advisors and partner with the contestants for the rest of the show.

They will work with their advisers and an assortment of tech luminaries. For example, they will have the opportunity to work with app company owners like Uber, Musicly, and Yelp. All the work put in to the show will lead to a final pitch with one of the hottest venture capital firms on the planet, Light Speed Venture Partners. Also, the most effective app ideas award the winner featured placement on the app store, which will be available to millions of people around the world.

Although we don’t know the exact date of the premiere of the show, there is speculation that it will air towards the end of October. The show is set to be available through Apple’s platforms like Apple TV and iTunes. Unfortunately, there is no word on if the show will be available through other streaming websites like Hulu, or air on Cable. If you are interested in earning a spot on the show, the applications for would-be contestants end on August 26.

Considering there are over 2 million apps currently on the app store, and increased apps are created each and everyday, this will give advanced developers a platform to share their ideas with the world. With the influence of the media on our everyday lives, the idea for the show is relevant and helpful for the future ahead of us. Thus, we are excited to see Apple’s future on television.

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