Angelina Jolie appearing at Comic Con to promote Salt

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Comic Con 2010 is almost upon us. Beginning Thursday, July 22nd hoards of people will transcend on the San Diego Convention Center in search of news, information, and a chance to meet their favorite celebrities from comics, animated films, action films, and much more. The Entertainer will be covering the Convention and we will bring you all of the highlights as the week tracks on.

A fairly recent addition to the Comic Con line up is Angelina Jolie, who will be there to promote her newest project, Salt. This means that as we speak, fanboys across the land are scrabbling to get their hands on a last minute ticket to Comic Con. She will be at the movie’s panel on Thursday, July 22 in Hall H.

There’s no doubt the gorgeous starlet and activist can hold her own among the swarms of anime and Star Wars lovers—she’s racked up a good deal of nerd cred herself from her “Tomb Raider” and “Wanted” days—in fact, the woman is said to be just about one of the only actresses that can successfully headline an action movie. Hey, we’re not arguing—we saw “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, and she’s about as badass as they come. “Salt” producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura told The Hollywood Reporter: “It’s definitely unusual that a female has become an action star. But it’s a funny thing. She’s not a female action star; she’s an action star. She’s really the first female to transcend gender. I don’t think it’s occurred before.”

And it’s not just Angie the masses are crying out for—hubby and business partner Brad Pitt might just attend Comic Con if the mother of his children makes an appearance. Pitt’s upcoming animated film, Dreamworks’ “Megamind” also has a panel at the Convention on Thursday, July 22 in Hall H—what a coincidence. Costars Tina Fey and Will Ferrell are already slated to appear, and it looks like Brad might just put in a surprise appearance—something Comic Con and Hall H are famous for.

“Salt” hits theaters Friday, July 23rd and “Megamind” debuts on November 5.

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