DEA Uncovers ‘Suspicious’ Prescriptions in Investigation of Chargers, Padres team doctors

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An ongoing investigation by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration into the professional practices of doctors under the employ of the San Diego Chargers and San Diego Padres professional sports teams struck its two-week mark a few days ago—and apparently, the time wasn’t wasted. So far, federal officials have uncovered evidence of suspicious and illegal activities by several doctors servicing both teams. The Entertainer covered the controversy when earlier this month when the DEA launched it’s official investigation into Chargers and Padres team doctors.

Chargers team doctor David Chao was discovered to have written 108 prescriptions for undisclosed drugs to himself and to businesses such as “Healthsouth Center” and “Medical Center Oasis” since the onset of June 2008, a gross violation of controlled substance regulations and conduct the DEA calls “suspicious and unlawful.” However, the DEA doesn’t believe the physician abused the drugs himself. DEA spokeswoman Amy Roderick told the Associated Press that it was unlikely Chao was using the drugs he prescribed, saying, “Based on what we have reviewed, we have no reason to believe that he was using the medication himself.” Chargers doctor Calvin Wong is also under suspicion, allegedly having written strange prescriptions for “Blue Box Chargers” and the “San Diego Chargers”, according to NBC San Diego.

Three Padres team doctors are also being investigated—team doctor Gaston Molina wrote six prescriptions for fellow doctor Robert Kakehashi and team doctor Harry Albers wrote six prescriptions for himself. “What it looks like on its face is that these doctors were giving extra drugs to some of the athletes on these teams,” former federal prosecutor John Kirby told NBC San Diego.

According to an affidavit used to secure the necessary search warrants, the investigation was prompted by the arrest of former Chargers safety Kevin Ellison in May for the illegal possession of 100 pills of Vicodin. Both teams are cooperating fully with the investigation and as of yet no players have been implicated.

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