“Wreck it Ralph” D-Box Film Review

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“Just because you are bad guy doesn’t mean you are bad guy.” The definition of a “bad guy” character is changed in the new Disney Animation Studios film, “Wreck-it Ralph.”

Written by Jennifer Lee & Phil Johnston and directed by Rich Moore,“Wreck-It Ralph” is Disney’s 52nd animated film in their long list of Walt Disney Animated Series.

The titled arcade villain, Ralph (John C. Reilly), a clumsy giant with huge hands that has trouble fitting in with people, first introduces the audience to the story.

After 30 years of working at his game and living alone in the dump, Ralph has grown tired and frustrated with his role as the “bad guy.” Because of his role, he finds himself not accepted by his fellow gamer characters, which prefer the game’s hero, the perfect goody-goody Fix-it-Felix Jr. (Jack McBrayer).

After being rejected by his peers at the celebration of the game’s 30th anniversary, Ralph decides to go “game-jumping” to receive his own hero medal in the hopes that the medal will no longer make him an outsider. However, things don’t go as expected during Ralph’s journey as a hero.

Unknowingly, Ralph’s quest creates chaos and destruction in the arcade games he travels though. Ralph comes across a variety of comedic setbacks: killer cyber-bugs, tripped explosives, and being trapped in an escape pod. After barely escaping a violent video game under the command of the intimidating Calhoun (Jane Lynch), Ralph soon finds himself stranded in the candy car-racing game, Sugar Rush.

Here he finds a fellow outcast in the form of Vanellope Von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman), a wisecracking sharp-tongue little girl. Ralph discovers that the game’s characters shun and mock Vanellope for being a “glitch,” a game malfunction. The two decide to join forces to compete and win a race that could lead to their own acceptance in each character’s game societies.

“Wreck-It Ralph” is a great movie for people of all ages. Stuffed with famous voices and witty lines, each character managed to entertain and connect with the audience. Reilly and Silverman were perfect together in their sparring of witty jokes and commentary back and forth.

In addition, “Wreck-It Ralph” was further enhanced by the experience of enjoying the film in the D-Box seating section (available at UltraStar Cinemas). The seats moved the audience along the story and made the viewers experience the fun and excitement of the arcade games’ action and race scenes. Sitting in The D-Box seats made me feel like I was in the film, racing with other characters.

The film is definitely a must see for any audience, with a story that shows heroes can come in all shapes and backgrounds.


Brought to you by UltraStar Cinemas

UltraStar Cinemas’ DBox seat features were a fantastic addition to the film.  The DBox seats make the audiences feel as if they are in the middle of all the action.

They are reserved in the middle of the theater room surrounded by regular seats for those who choose to watch the film in the non-DBox format. Each one has a setting for the viewer to choose their preference of the seats’ motion effects as well.

Ultra Star Cinemas is headquartered in San Diego County and operates 141 screens at 14 sites throughout Southern California and Arizona. The company was formed in 1999 by John Ellison, Jr.and Alan Grossberg with the same goal in mind – be a pioneer in the industry and consistently stay onthe forefront of technology, while providing the best movie-going experience to every guest that walksthrough the doors.

Photos courtesy of UltraStar Cinemas and Disney Channel. Also courtesy of Gage Skidmore via WikiCommons.

UltraStar was the first exhibitor in the world to be equipped with D-BOX Motion Seats. D-BOX Technologies uses motion integrated within theater seats to capture some of the best action scenes in all types of movies. Feeling the action immerses the guest in the movie like never before.

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