“Breaking Dawn – Part 2” Opens In Theaters

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For “Twi-Hard” fans, the end has finally come for the “Twilight” film franchise. The last film “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” is showing tonight, November 15.

However, you will have to beat back the fanatics who have been camping out this week in front of the theaters. Last year hundreds of fans camped out three days before the movie release for their pick of front row seats.

This year’s release seems to be following the same trend, and it will most likely be more crowded since this will be the last installment to the “Twilight” saga.

All good things have to end at some point though. There will be tears. There will be joy. But now there will be an end to the entire series.

In “Breaking Dawn – Part 2,” Bella (Kristen Stewart) has just woken up and is now a newly risen vampire. Everything seems to be just as our heroine dreamed about being a vampire, having her vampire husband Edward (Robert Pattinson), a half-human half –vampire baby, and finally fitting as member of the Cullen Clan.

Almost the entire first third of the movie is devoted to Bella’s adjustment to her new life and unfamiliar powers: her sudden thirst for blood; her superhuman speed and strength; her seemingly insatiable (if PG-13) sex drive; and the tricks she must learn in order to pass as human.” (Washington Post)

Even Jacob (Taylor Lautner) and the werewolves seem to be getting along with the vampires. The moment seems to be a “Twilight” happily ever after for Bella and her family. Or is it?

 Just as Bella seems to be finally getting the hang of vampire life, the Cullen family is faced with a threat. The corrupted Volturi clan has learned of the birth of Bella’s child, Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy), and decided to seek out and destroy the clan.

The reason behind the Volturi’s harsh decision is for fear that Renesmee may be an immortal child, a child turned into a vampire. In the vampire world, immortal children are illegal due to their lack of control and potential exposure to the world.  

In order to save Renesmee and their family, the Cullens travel all over the world to seek help from fellow vampires. The fellow vampire clans all have their own unique collection of talents and powers to help with the fight against the Volturi. But will it be enough to save Bella’s new family?

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