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Ready for a fun-filled weekend? Need some plans for Spring Break? What better way to enjoy yourself than going to the movies.

Here is a list of newly released films this week:

draftday113fDraft Day

Football fans will enjoy this newly released film. “Draft Day” focuses its story on Cleveland Browns manager Sonny Weaver, Jr. (Kevin Costner). Sonny is given the chance to rebuild the team he has always dreamed of building.

With draft day coming closer, Sonny accepts a trade offer for the first pick of the draft that angers the head coach. Soon, scouts are racing across the country to discover who will be the player chosen. Sonny is torn between the Wisconsin QB, the favorite among the choices, and a linebacker with family troubles who shows a promising talent but has a temper.

To add further pressure, the team owner (Frank Langella) informs Sonny that if the general manager doesn’t generate enough interest and ticket sales then he will be fired. Who will he decide on?

rio2newposterRio 2

The blue birds are back in this beloved sequel. Blu (Jesse Eisenberg), Jewel (Anne Hathaway), and their kids decide to take a vacation from their Rio de Janeiro home.

Their destination: The Amazon,to explore their wild roots. However, the family comes across a few surprises once they arrive, including the ever-ruthless Nigel (Jemaine Clement), bent on revenge, and Jewel’s father.

Blu now has to battle against those two adversaries as well as keeping an eye over his nestlings.


Ten years ago, Tim and Kaylie’s parents were brutally murdered. With evidence pointing towards Tim, he was convicted of a murder he didn’t commit. Back to the film’s present, Tim (Brenton Thwaites) wants to forget about that night and move on with his life now that he has been released. However, Kaylie (Karen Gillan) knows her parents’ deaths were caused by a supernatural force that resides in an antique mirror in their home, the Lasser Glass. Its previous owners have all died from similar causes. Kaylie is determined to prove her brother’s innocence. Now more than ever when they realize to their horror that the entity has returned.

Photos courtesy of Fandango.

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