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Last week Comic Con revealed fantastic lineups of movies for the next year. Warner Brothers discussed their plans for The Hobbit: Five Armies and released amazing clips from it as well as a montage of their past movies of Middle Earth. Game of Thrones excited many fans. Marvel unveiled their plans for Guardians of the Galaxy 2, footage of Avengers 2 and Ant Man, and the entire Avengers cast, (except Scarlet Johansson due to her pregnancy), both old and new members, arrived at the panel.

After a long delay we are back to our movie weekly releases. Speaking of Marvel, Guardians of the Galaxy came out this week much to the delight of Marvel fans. Additionally, more exciting films were released in the past couple weeks. Here is a listing of some great possible choices to watch:

guardiansofthefgalaxynewposter1Guardians of the Galaxy
Both Marvel and non-Marvel fans can be excited for this week’s newest release. Peter Quill (Chris Pratt), nicknamed the Starlord, is a former scavenger turned thief. However, he quickly becomes a wanted man when he steals an orb deep in space that is coveted by Ronan (Lee Pace), a man who has aligned himself with the evil Thanos.

To retrieve the orb, Ronan sends his best assassin, Gamora (Zoe Saldana). However Gamora finds herself entangled in a fight with Starlord and bounty hunters Groot (Vin Diesel), a tree-like being, and Rocket (Bradley Cooper), a crazy gun-happy, genetically-modified raccoon. As a result, the group is arrested and thrown in jail where they meet and befriend Drax the Destroyer (Dave Bautista), a revenge-seeking warrior who wants justice against Ronan for destroying his family.

In the name of justice, the outlaws decide to band together. The members of the newly formed Guardians of the Galaxy break out of prison and stop Ronan from using the orb. Will the Guardians succeed?

j3231_mostwantedman_1sht_67f_webA Most Wanted Man
A Most Wanted Man,based on a novel authored by John le Carré, is a great flick for spy film fans. Gunter Bachman (Philip Seymour Hoffman), a rogue agent, works as an expert on counter-terrorism. Since 9/11, Gunter has succeeded in bringing down jihadists.

However, he grows suspicious of Issa Karpov (Grigoriy Dobrygin), a Chechen immigrant that has recently arrived in town. Along the way, Gunter is befriended by an American social worker (Rachel McAdams) who is convinced of Issa’s innocence. When Gunter discovers a threat by jihadists to national security, he forms a plan that he hopes will neutralize the threat.

But will Issa be an ally or foe to his plan? As the late Hoffman’s last screen performance, the film is a nice last addition to his film career.

Come on. You know you want to say it when you watch this film. “I AM HERCULES!” The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) stars in this latest film about the Greek Hero. Hercules, adapted from Steve Moore’s graphic novel, The Thracian Wars, is a film jam-packed with action, suspense, and lots of fighting.

The once proud Hercules is now haunted by his past and travels throughout Greece with his companions. The hero has now turned into a mercenary by taking advantage of his reputation and charging citizens for his services.

In the kingdom of Thrace, citizens find themselves threatened by a warlord intent on their destruction.

Hercules must now find the hero within him again and use the heroic strength to save the kingdom. Will he succeed?

asig-onesheet-newAnd So It Goes
Ready for some cute family comedy? Oren Little (Michael Douglas) is a realtor who is despised by those he meets. He doesn’t mind at all; in fact he actually enjoys it.

The realtor longs to be left alone and retire in peace and solitude after he sells one last house. Oren’s neighbor, Leah (Diane Keaton), is both amused and appalled by his actions such as paint-balling a Rottweiler for pooping on his yard.

However, life throws him a surprise curve ball in the form of an unknown granddaughter whom his estranged son leaves in his care. Soon his life becomes full of color and fun and his social skills are awakened.

And So It Goes is a terrific family comedy full of Douglas and Keaton’s witty banter. A must see for sure.

Photos courtesy of Fandango.

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