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Movies this weekend are a fun way to spend time with the friends and family. Only two new releases arrived this week. To help you decide which to choose we have provided a description of each of the films.

gimmeshelterGimme Shelter

The film is from a true story. Sixteen-year old Agnes “Apple” Baily (Vanessa Hudgens) flees her abusive home and away from her drug addict mother (Rosario Dawson) to search for her father in the hopes of finding a better life.

At first, her father (Brendan Fraser) welcomes her to his home and new family. However, she finds herself returning to the streets when her father doesn’t understand her decision to not terminate the pregnancy.

With no hope for a family at either home, Apple tries to survive the tough life on her own. Soon a benevolent chaplain, Father McCarthy (James Earl Jones) offers her hope and comfort in her time of need. Father McCarthy provides her a place to stay at a homeless shelter for pregnant teens.

Apple must now find the strength to move on from her dark past and look to a bright and hopeful future.

i_frankenstein_1219I, Frankenstein

Based on the graphic novel, written by Kevin Grevioux, the film centers on a dystopian world filled with vigilant gargoyles and demons. 200 years has passed since Adam Frankenstein (Aaron Eckhart) was created by Dr. Frankenstein. The key to his immortality remains hidden from the rest of the world.

Now Adam finds himself caught in a war between the two immortal groups for power over humanity. Will Adam be humanity’s savior or destroyer?

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