Pirates of the Caribbean could be getting reboot treatment from Deadpool writers

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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl released in theaters almost 15 years ago and has since launched a huge film franchise based on the popular Disneyland ride. Five films later, the franchise is now the 12th highest grossing film saga of all time, and after last year’s release of Dead Men Tell No Tales, a sixth film seemed ever more likely. But, now the rumor is that Disney may be wanting to reboot the franchise, with writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick helming the new story.

Best known for writing the Deadpool movies, Deadline first reported the story that Reese and Wernick are in talks with Disney to reboot the Pirates franchise. One needs to remember that right now its only a rumor and no official word from Disney has been made yet, but if it were to be green-lighted Jerry Bruckheimer would continue on as producer. The main question now is: will Johnny Depp or any of the other actors from the films be involved going forward?

The word “reboot” is thrown around Hollywood a lot these days, but there are two possible directions Disney could end up doing. One, the film could possibly continue the story from the previous films and write out Captain Jack Sparrow and company and focus on new/previously minor characters.

Second, Reese and Wernick could wipe the slate clean and ignore the previous films. This could have someone else step into Captain Jack’s shoes or introduce a completely new cast. Disneyland did just introduce a new pirate captain by the name of Captain Red, after all.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl was a phenomenal success when it was released back in 2003, but the sequels have struggled a bit, having gained mixed reviews. Despite the mixed reviews, these movies have done pretty well in general. Although Dead Men Tell No Tales only made $794.9 million worldwide last year, making it the second-lowest grossing entry in the film series.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 was confirmed to be happening, but it seems now Disney wants to take the franchise in a different direction. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have plenty of blockbuster success right now, so they could put a fresh, invigorating spin on these swashbuckling pirates.

What do you think about Pirates of the Caribbean being rebooted? Let us know in the comments.


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    Suzanne VanBuhler

    November 3, 2018 at 2:16 pm

    I would most certainly like to leave a reply here…I just wish I knew of somewhere else to send it so it could be seen by the folks who hold the POC franchise in their hands…

    I’ve never been compelled to submit a “comment” on any website before; never really felt the need or saw the use in it. I do now…especially when the “powers that be” are considering to willfully dismantle one of the best (my all-time favorite) movie franchises in cinematic history – Pirates of the Caribbean.

    Given all the surprising and outrageous news coming out of Hollywood right now, I feel the strong need to “comment” my opinion. I also believe that I speak for thousands of my die-hard POC brethren everywhere. So…here goes.

    Question…why such an intense focus on a “reboot”? Does Disney really believe that’s the only viable solution? Can they not figure out a way, with their decades of entertainment experience, to successfully expand on the existing stories of these unique and endearing characters? Honestly, they have SO MUCH backstory to expound on with so many of these characters, it’s crazy! I can imagine so many unanswered questions that can be written in to a movie. For example, where’s Captain Teague from? Is he immortal? How long ago did Davy Jones’ story begin? Where did he and Jack meet? Is he still alive? According to the after credits of the last movie, something’s up there. That was my favorite scene! I’d LOVE to see Bill Nighy back in that role! Iconic! How’d Jack and Barbossa meet? Bootstrap Bill? What’s the story with Jack and Tia? I know we saw Jack got his compass from his former captain when he was younger, but why then, in Deadman’s Chest, did Tia say, “what about that compass you bartered from me?” How’d he come to barter the compass from Tia if it was given to him by his former captain? What a disappointing shame to watch them let these last couple of POC movies bring down what they had so highly built up.

    Is there currently some kind of shortage of good writers in the movie industry? I mean, who else can you blame a crappy storyline on, right? The actors are only going to be as good as the script they’re given to work with. Crappy story = crappy movie. And enough with trying to blame Johnny Depp for POC’s missteps. His personal issues aside (and who doesn’t have those? his are just under a microscope), when it comes down to it, we’re really only concerned with the character Jack Sparrow, not the real life person who plays him. And one simply cannot expect a singular character to carry an entire franchise. It just wouldn’t work. He needs his beloved cast of characters around him (and their own unique storylines around them) to ensure his success and ultimately the movie’s success. Think Davy Jones, Barbossa, Will Turner, Tia Dalma, Gibbs etc…all incredible characters that contributed to the success and fantastic storyline of POC #1 -#3. Could Luke Skywalker single handedly carry Star Wars? I rather doubt it…

    As one article I just read stated…”POC would be a RIDICULOUS franchise for Disney to consider rebooting”. I FULLY AGREE!! Too many fans around the world are attached to the original characters. Depp is going to be literally IMPOSSIBLE to replace. No matter how you cut it, every POC movie involves him (but doesn’t quite revolve entirely around him) in some way…as it should – he’s the “main” character. That’s not to say that he’s the ONLY character. The other characters (some of which I mentioned above) that appear in the movies with Sparrow are what truly make them GREAT!

    Disney, save yourselves some time and money (if you can) – no rebooting! If you’re so wrapped up in Hollywood’s current culture and feel compelled to be done with Depp as a result, just end the franchise right there…don’t insult it’s wonderful legacy by attempting to re-do what’s already been done to perfection (movies 1-3 only) to make your shareholders more money. God knows with your recent acquisitions/business dealings you’re NOT going to go bankrupt anytime soon.

    Just do us true POC fans the honor of wrapping up what you left us hanging with (very excitedly too) from the last film! And at least give Jack Sparrow the glorious, epic sendoff he DESERVES!!! And implore Hans Zimmer to compose an equally epic piece of music to back up that final sendoff!

    If you ignore all of POC’s wonderful past story lines (movies #1-#3) and simply reboot, you will have failed a whole audience of loyal POC super fans…if all the disappointing reports coming out are true, then you already have.

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