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One needs to be prepared in social planning with weather like this for the upcoming weekend. And what better way to stay out of the rain and hang out with a friend than a good movie? Or a whole group of friends. Combine the event with some delicious buttery popcorn, hot cheesy nachos, or a warm pretzel and you’ve got yourself a perfect indoor activity.

To help you decide what movie to choose we have provided reviews of two movies released this week:


Despite being an Air Marshall, Bill Marks (Liam Neeson) gets nervous on planes. In Non-Stop, the Air Marshall takes a nonstop flight from New York City to London.

Once the plane is 40,000 feet in the air Marks receives a mysterious text message. The unknown texter demands $150 million dollars from the airline to an offshore account. A passenger will be murdered every twenty minutes until the money is transferred.

Much to the Air Marshall’s shock his name is listed as the recipient of the account. After finding himself set up and listed as a hijacker Marks will need to win the trust of those on the plane to find the culprit responsible.

Will he save the people on the plane or will they all crash to their doom?

sonofgodSon of God

In Son of God, the story of Jesus (Diogo Morgado) is retold in beautiful detail. Viewers will get to watch Jesus’s birth, his travels and teachings, eventual death upon the cross, and his resurrection. Additionally, the film includes Jesus’s upbringing as a child, his early ministry, and the process of gathering his 12 disciples.

The movie is directed by Christoper Spencer and was brought together after “The Bible” miniseries production.

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