Movie Review: Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral

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Madea is back for one last hurrah in Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral, now playing in theaters.

A joyous family reunion turns into an unexpected nightmare when Madea (Tyler Perry) and the gang find themselves planning a funeral in the backwoods of Georgia.

Rest assured that Madea does not die in this film nor does Madea even get a proper send off in what’s supposed to be her last film appearance. But despite not being a good goodbye to an iconic character, the film has enough going for it to still be entertaining. The movie has its usual charming humor and melodrama but is in no rush to make its way through a busy plot.

In this new film, Perry introduces a funnier new character, a brother to his pothead, dirty old man brother Joe named Heathrow. Heathrow has no legs that he said he lost in the Vietnam War (which he didn’t) and uses an electrolarynx for his missing voice box. Its a funny effect which makes for some great gags, making him stumble lines the character growls.

Perry’s comedies have always had outtakes to show off who had the best jokes. The problem with this film, he’s not surrounded by funny people trying to get those one lines in. It’s just him, with the exception of Hattie (Patricia Lovely) and Aunt Bam (Cassie Davis). Everybody else Perry cast was comedy stiffs, but that’s ok cause it played into the drama of the film’s story.

Overall, there is some fun to be had in A Madea Family Funeral, even though it looked like Perry wasn’t aware this was his last film as Madea. Perry does most of the heavy lifting in these films, so it only seems fitting the filmmaker would want to move on. It’s just a shame that Madea didn’t get a proper goodbye.

Critic Rating: 3.5/5 stars

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