Movie Review: Angry Birds Movie 2

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The Angry Birds Movie 2 is still cuckoo but is actually better the second time around.

Red (Jason Sudeikis), Chuck (Josh Gad), Bomb (Danny McBride) and the rest of their feathered friends are surprised when Leonard the pig (Bill Hader) suggests that they put aside their differences and unite to fight a common threat. Aggressive birds from an island covered in ice are planning to use an elaborate weapon to destroy the fowl and swine way of life. After picking their best and brightest, the birds and pigs come up with a scheme to infiltrate the island, deactivate the device and return to their respective paradises intact.

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The film is definitely much more entertaining than it probably was meant to be. What could have been just another money-maker based on the popular game, instead, is a fun cartoon sequel with inventive, knee-slapping humor thanks to director Thurop Van Orman, who makes his feature debut. 

Much of why this film so enjoyable is that it takes full advantage of the fact that it is animated, especially when it comes to creating visual gags or set pieces. Whether its Red and Leonard going head-to-head with on-screen graphics or building their “heist” team in a fun jab at films like Suicide Squad, the film has plenty of comedic moments that are only made possible thanks to how animation is able to help filmmakers bend the will of reality. Angry Birds Movie 2 is a charming, candy-colored cartoon paradise, and doesn’t pretend like it isn’t.

Courtesy of Sony Pictures. © 2019 CTMG, Inc.

The narrative of the film also helps with its success. The script hits the ground running (example: the main battle with Zeta starts before the title card even shows) and doesn’t stop. This allows the film to utilize the amount of runtime it gets to jokes, jokes and more jokes while also teaching lessons about the importance of being a team player and giving credit where credit is due. 

Terrific comedy actors keep the vocal work equally lively and energetic. Everyone from the first film return for this new adventure; the new additions – which include Rachel Bloom, Awkwafina and Sterling K. Brown – add something new and exciting to the film. 

Overall, as sequels go, Angry Birds Movie 2 is actually better than the first. Orman and his team use the sequel to exercise some real creativity to deliver a fun-filled adventure to great success. 

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