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September is halfway over everyone and Fall will officially arrive this weekend. Not that anyone can tell with the recent heat wave and that crazy thunderstorm that blew in last Tuesday. Thankfully the weather seems to have cooled down a smidge. To help handle the heat, I encourage everyone to go to the movies. Nice cool and air conditioned with a good flick and good group of people. What a better way to spend your time? To help you decide what movie to go see we have provided a list of recent movie releases.

a-walk-among-the-tombstones-posterA Walk Among the Tombstones
While off duty, Matt Scudder (Liam Neeson), a NYPD cop, chased and took down a pair of robbers robbing the bar he was drinking at. However, what should have been a heroic victory for him turns into a tragedy thanks to a stray bullet. Haunted by this event. Scutter gives up his badge and picks up work as an unlicensed private investigator.

When a drug kingpin(Dan Stevens) finds out his wife’s brutal abduction and murder, he turns to Scudder to hunt down those responsible. Scutter finds out the kingpin’s wife’s murder is part of a series of other deadly kidnappings and he struggles the culprits before more death follows.

But as the investigator searches the dark scenes of New York City for the kidnappers he discovers their goals are far more complex and disturbing than mere hits.

The Maze Runnerthemazerunner-ps-7
Book fans will enjoy this latest film released this weekend. The movie is based on James Dashner’s first novel of his series, The Maze Runner. In the film, the story centers on Thomas (Dylan O’Brien), a young man who wakes up trapped in a sinister maze with no memory of his past. A group of other boys with the same history live in the maze as well and struggle to survive.

The “runners’” only hope is to fight through the maze and escape.A maze full of dark and deadly creatures that hunt them both in and out of the maze. The boys’ only safe spot for now lies in the center of the maze. Do they brave the whole maze to escape or stay?

More secrets and surprises arise for them when, for the first time, a girl is sent to the maze. Even more of a twist, she remembers his name.

thisiswhereileaveyou-ps-1This is Where I Leave You
In the wake of their father’s funeral, four adult siblings (Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Jane Fonda, and Adam Driver) are forced by their past father’s requirement to be “grounded” for a week. A hilarious film that many viewers can enjoy as they watch four adults dealing with the comedic hardships of living under the same roof for seven full days with their family and people they grew up with.

Within the house they have to endure an over-bearing and too honest mother, crazy exes, and memories of their past. Will the siblings survive after their week of grounded life is up?

Get ready to laugh and cry for this movie.


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