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As the Academy Awards wrap up the movies of 2016, 2017 candidates are rolling out. Movies often capture the depth of what’s happening in a culture at a given time–the topics that we find important, the stories we want to advocate, the ridiculousness around us that we need to laugh off. We’ve compiled a brief snapshot of some of the upcoming movies that are hitting theaters in the next month to help guide you as you decide which ones to see.

The Girl With All the Gifts (R)

Zombie movies are not dead (pun very much intended). This Zombie thriller encapsulates the story of a future world where a fungus outbreak causes people to attack one another. One girl is immune to the disease, and a teacher and scientist are trying to use her to help save what’s left of their world. (Release Date: February 24th)

Dying Laughing (NR) 

“Comedy is purely a result of your ability to withstand self torture,” Jerry Seinfeld. Have you ever been to a stand-up comedy routine where you literally felt the awkwardness throughout your body? Journey through the behind-the-scenes of stand-up with some of America’s favorite comedians, as they share some of the brutal realities of trying to make people laugh. Comedians include: Chris Rock, Sarah Silverman, Amy Schumer, Kevin Hart, Jerry Seinfeld, and more. (Release Date: February 24th)

Table 19 (PG-13)

Anna Kendrick plays her usual charming self in this wedding-table reject movie. A group of guests who were invited to a wedding, without actually wanting their attendance, are placed at the back of the ballroom. This table of misfits takes things into their own hands to make the most of their time and learn from each other’s stories. (Release Date: March 3rd)

The Freedom to Marry (NR)

Join the national conversation of the movement toward same-sex marriage. This documentary-style film features conversations, stories, protests, and national engagements to make change and bring freedom to those who long to spend their life with a same-sex partner. (Release Date: March 3rd)

The Shack (PG-13) 

Based on an award-winning book, The Shack portrays the story of tragedy and a conflict of faith. The pain of life brings a man to question whether God is real, and where God has been throughout his life. A series of events causes Mack, the main character, to journey to a shack where he meets God in the form of an African American woman named Papa. Follow his journey in this film, featuring actors Tim McGraw, Octavia Spencer, Sam Worthington, and others. (Release Date: March 3rd)

Bokeh (NR)

A romantic story of a couple’s trip to Iceland takes a strange turn. While they are away, the streets suddenly empty, and now they must figure out their role in this new end-of-times world. What must they do next? (Release Date: March 24th)

Boss Baby (PG)

Photo Credit: DreamWorks Animation.

This cartoon, featuring Alec Baldwin’s voice in the body of a baby, will make you laugh and cringe all at the same time. There’s something about hearing a deep voice while looking at a baby that just feels wrong. Watch the story of this demanding baby take charge over his 7-year-old brother, all while hiding from his parents that he can talk. (Release Date: March 31st)

Whether you are in the mood to laugh, cry, be scared, or strike up a deep conversation, the movies over the next month and a half will help lead you there. Find movie times at your local theater on .

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