“Glee: 3D Concert Movie” Review

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Imagine a stadium filled with high-schoolers cheering for their favorite athlete.  Trade in the athletes with the cast members of Glee and your student body with avid followers of the hit TV show and you got the basic premise behind “Glee: The 3D Concert Movie.”  Although producers of the movie spent a great deal of time and energy getting audience members revved up, the prep rally atmosphere isn’t the only thing fans can look forward to.

“Glee,” the movie, follows the same trajectory as the prime time show.  Outsider inclusivity and social acceptance is the series’ main core, and footage of shout outs from concert-goers dispersed throughout the film demonstrates that avid fans of the show, aka, Gleeks are cheering for their own heroes.  Though, ironically, those under the Gleek banner are obviously insiders of another type of exclusivity, everyone is more than welcome to join in on the fun.

Several concert highlights include a very provocative dance done by Brittany Pierce (Heather Morris) as she slays all inhibitions with the number, “I’m a Slave 4 U.”  Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) stretches her vocals with her rendition of “Don’t Rain on My Parade,” while Darren Criss, lead of the all male ensemble – the Warblers as Blaine – charms the crowd with “Teenage Dream.”

Sharing the spotlight with the cast of “Glee” who stay in character throughout the movie, are several other personalities – some, who even deserve star treatment.

A look into the lives of a teenage dwarf cheerleader, a young gay male with a tale about overcoming embarrassment, and a high schooler dealing with aspergers disease are several true stories that gets featured.  These real-life heroes are one example of how “Glee” has impacted the world with its stories.

Another example would have to be the Mini-Warbler, aka 4-year-old Kellen Sarmiento, who gained his status as one of the Warblers through a Youtube video that went viral the day after it got posted.  In the video, Kellen could be seen singing and dancing in time to the Warblers, who are on the TV screen just behind him.  The San Diegan has been approached by numerous agents for his talents in memorizing lyrics and learning dance steps.  Mark Sarmiento and his wife, Emily, still haven’t decided in what direction, if any, to take their son’s budding career, reports SignOnSanDiego.

Whether you’re looking forward to the cast of “Glee” gracing the stage onscreen or watching actual accounts of personalities evolving through the show, there is so much to look out for in the movie.  The 3D effects make what would otherwise be static movements, dynamic and exciting.  You can’t help but want to get up and dance around while watching the movie.  And often times you find yourself naturally clapping and cheering with the crowd.

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