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In the new action thriller, “Abduction,” the filmmaker’s attempt at remaking the ‘Bourne Identity’ series into a teenage angst fest, is only mildly successful.  Director of “2 Fast 2 Furious” and “Four Brothers”, John Singleton’s latest film takes bits and pieces from past successful movies, including its male-lead, Taylor Lautner’s role in “Twilight”, and meshes them together to give audiences a precocious picture of what it is like to find your true identity while, appropriately enough, as a young adult.

Though, ironically, these themes of finding your identity and teenage angst are nearly synonymous, the obvious juxtaposition isn’t enough to produce an engaging film.  “Abduction” on so many levels focuses on the mediocre.  While infinitesimal topics get mentioned like the importance of Facebook to a young teen, this overall approach detracts from the real action of the story.  And this makes for stiff gestures, acting that dragged, and dialogue that stifled great talents like Sigourney Weaver, who appears in the film as Nathan’s psychologist.

To get the overall sense of the story, we meet Nathan Harper (Taylor Lautner) very early on.  The opening scene is of a cliff-hanger shot as Harper rides shotgun atop the windshield of a truck.  His friends are both maneuvering the wheel with one hand and wildly cheering their friend on with the other.  Cut-scene and we are abruptly placed at a house-party that soon gets out of control, leaving Harper in his underwear on someone’s lawn the next morning (one of many tributes to Team Jacob-fans everywhere).

Harper’s father finds him in this inebriated state and immediately dashes him home to start grilling him on his fighting/boxing/karate skills.  Then, time for school.  As the lengthy school day yawns ahead, we find out that Lautner has a crush on Karen Murphy, played by Lily Collins.  When the two get assigned as partners for a school project, little do they realize that this ‘partnership’ will undergo many trials and tribulations before real trust gets earned.

And because so much of “Abduction” hinges on this idea that you can’t just trust anybody makes for a dubious premise for an action-thriller.  Like an after-school special caked with special messages, you can’t help but think that Hollywood needs to be a little more creative if they want to convince adults as well as teens that this isn’t dumbed-down material.

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