Why You Need a LinkedIn Profile

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LinkedIn, the professional networking social network, has been around longer than Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Now, in 2019, LinkedIn has never been a more powerful tool in helping you conquer your career, develop your personal brand, and make connections with more than 500 million career professionals.

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, or just simply haven’t used it in years, here is why you’ll want to get started on using one.

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It can help you network

Networking is one of the most important aspects in helping you cultivate and move forward with your career and professional life. It is especially important when you are looking to get a new job, or gain insight into issues from experienced professionals.

You can build your brand

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, or just want to maintain a highly marketable profile, LinkedIn is a powerful in tool in helping you build your brand. By maintaining a well-polished profile, you can let others know you mean business and can provide valuable services.

It’s the most extensive job board

LinkedIn is often utilized by recruiters looking to place highly skilled candidates into positions for thousands of companies. But if you’re looking for a job on your own, you can search for practically anything through keywords and locations. Some companies even allow for easy-apply, which essentially lets you upload your resume onto your LinkedIn profile, and seamlessly upload it to potential job listings.

It’s a powerful research tool

LinkedIn can help you gain insight into companies and their employees. This can be especially useful if you are looking to potentially join a new company or research in-depth company news and analysis.

It lets you keep track of your contacts

Gone are the days of having a handful of business cards from people you met that you inevitably lose over the years. In the growing digital age, LinkedIn makes it easy and convenient to keep track of your contacts, making it easy to find and contact anyone.

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