Tips to Fix a Lagging Computer

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If you ever wish your computer ran the same way it did when you first got it, you’re not alone. Lagging computers can be extremely frustrating, especially when you’re trying to get work done. If your computer is really dragging, try out these tips to get it working at its full capacity again.

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Delete temporary files

When you browse the internet, your computer will create new files holding your browsing history. Over a period of time, these files can really pile up, causing your computer to utilize more of its memory storage and making it drag. To empty these, you can go into “My Computer” and selecting your main drive and opening a folder called “Temp.” After emptying these files, you may see a speed boost.

Uninstall unused apps or programs

After years of using a computer, it is common for accumulating a variety of programs that are often unused. Despite not using them, they take up precious memory and disk space and can be a burden on your computer’s speed. Try going through your apps and removing anything you may not use.

Do a disk clean-up

Hard drives can get filled up over time with superfluous content that you don’t ever need. Whether it be copies of data, browsing history, or a variety of other things, doing a disk cleanup can be a great way to provide a speed boost for your computer. Whether you are using a PC or Mac, here are some effective disk-clean up apps you can use.

Dust it out

Sometimes, your computer’s inside can get clogged with tons of dust and debris. This dust can get into its internal cooling system, causing it to warm up and overheat. When this happens, you can experience a decrease in performance. Try using a small vacuum or air duster to get out any internal debris.

Get more RAM

One of the biggest indicators of speed in a computer is RAM. Short for random access memory, RAM is the resource that provides your computer with the ability to run multiple programs at once without a hitch. If you’re seeing any lag between switching through different apps, then upgrading your RAM might be a good option.

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