Why February Is a Short Month, plus February facts

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February always seems to fly by. Seriously, didn’t it just start? It’s odd that 2-3 days can make such a difference in the way that we perceive a month. Add a day off for President’s Day and a Mardi Gras celebration into the picture, and the month is over before you know it. Here are some fun facts for the reason February being a short month, and some ways to end February on a high note.

Fact #1 Calendar Reformation

The Roman calendar originally covered the months of March through October, but left a gap at the end of the year. Eventually rulers realized that the calendar wasn’t lining up with the lunar cycles and that an adjustment needed to be made. January and February were added to the end of the year, and the days of each month were adjusted. Since February was the last month, it was separated into the first 23 days and the “rest of the days.” This leap month idea was beginning to get confusing, and eventually Julius Caesar made a method to the madness. Cesar realigned the calendar with the 365-day layout of the Egyptians and only one leap day every four years.

Confused? We don’t blame you. Here’s a video that will help break it down. Sort of.

Fact #2 The Meaning of February

February comes from the Latin “februare”, meaning purification. February is a month where people can leave the holidays behind, and take a breath of fresh air. This month transitions from Winter to Spring, so the meaning and symbolism demonstrate a purified transition.  

Fact #3 The Welsh Call It…

“Y Mis Bach” or “The Little Month.” If you don’t already know, the Welsh are an ethnic group and Welsh is a language spoken in Wales. 

Fact #4 February 28th, 2017

The last day of February in 2017 happens to be Mardi Gras! End the month of complicated history with a day of celebration. (Half of the reason that a calendar was put together in the first place was to keep track of events in Rome.) Head down to the Gaslamp District and enjoy a celebration of a New Orleans tradition, here in our backyard. Find the details for the happenings hereWith less than a week left until rent checks are due, we hope that you find time to enjoy the last days of February. 

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