Why Fanny Packs Are Back in Style

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Over the past decade, we’ve seen tons of old-school trends make their way back onto the fashion industry’s radar. When it comes to accessories, fanny packs have made their way pack into stylish folks’ wardrobes. Why you may ask? Let’s dive into a few reasons why fanny packs are back in style these days.

Their Versatility

Regardless of how fashion evolves, there is always an appreciation for versatile and practical accessories. You can pair fanny packs with just about any outfit, especially if you have a selection of various style fanny packs.

For more formal nights out, a dark, faux leather fanny pack will provide storage. For a bike ride, run, or a trip to the store, you can also don a fanny pack across your waist or torso. Wherever you go, you’ll surely welcome the convenience of this petite bag for your essentials.

The Affinity for Retro Things

Slip dresses, mullets, high-waisted jeans, platform sandals—many old-school fashion elements have rejoined the ranks as trendy choices. Among them are the fanny packs. One of the reasons why fanny packs are back in style is the recent resurrection of retro looks.

From the 70s to the early 2000s, there are stereotypical trendy components. While the 70s gave us hippy and boho looks, the 90s popularized the fanny pack. Just as an appreciation for chunky shoes and hair clips has made a comeback, so has an appreciation for handy fanny packs.

Their Affordability

A part of why fanny packs have reclaimed their popularity is because they’re affordable. Sure, you can drop a pretty penny on a designer brand fanny pack, but you also have the option of thrifting them or perusing through the top wholesale fanny packs to find one that’s reasonably priced. Whatever your budget, you will find that fanny packs are still a fashionable option for you.

Brands Have Caught On

Popular brands have recognized the rise of retro fads and found unique ways to capitalize on them. Well-known athletic brands have also started to create fanny packs, furthering the notion that fanny packs are a fashionable, trendy accessory.

Mogul brands’ recognition for fanny packs reinforces people’s appreciation for them and increases the fanny packs’ accessibility. Nowadays, you can turn to your favorite brand and almost surely find a fanny pack to your liking.

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