10 Websites That Will Make Your Life Easier

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The internet is a place full of weird and wonderful things, and while it’s totally fine to scroll through endless memes for hours on end, sometimes you need to get down to business in order to get stuff done. Luckily, there are plenty of super useful websites out there that will boost your productivity, help you learn new things, and empower you to accomplish your goals. 

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Ever read something on the internet and believed it to be true, only to later learn it’s completely false? This can definitely lead to some embarrassing conversations, but with the fact-checking powers at Snopes, you can rest assured that you receive the real truth behind the crazy stuff you hear. 

Xfinity Speed Test

Keep your internet service provider in check with this network speed test that will tell you how fast your internet connection is. If your internet speed seems to always be slogging on, use this test before calling up your ISP to prove something is not working on their end. 


Paying for sites like Shutterstock can add up quickly, but thanks to Pixabay, you can have millions of royalty-free images at your disposal, along with illustrations, graphics, and more. This site is perfect if you need images for your personal blog or website, and the variety is unrivaled. 

Computer Hope

Keyboard shortcuts are a really easy way to drastically increase your productivity and functionality while working on a computer. Computer Hope takes you through the basics, teaching your key shortcuts for a variety of different software and operating systems.


If you’re in the market for a new job or debating about asking for a raise at work, PayScale will help you decide. Using an interactive survey, PayScale will determine how much you’re worth in the job market, giving you valuable insight into your salary and job value. 


Ever had a question you need to be answered, but had no idea who to ask it to? With Quora, you can post your questions to millions of different users, giving you access to a vast resource of people who may have intimate knowledge of the topic you need clarity on. 


Whenever I need to purchase something on Amazon, the first thing I do is check the reviews of the product. Unfortunately, many companies out there will “purchase” reviews from people so their products get favorable evaluation, making it difficult to determine if the product is of high quality. With ReviewMeta, you can get a graded report on how “real” the reviews are for each product. 


Take your writing to the next level with Grammarly. This site can be used as a browser plug-in, making it easy to integrate into whatever writing program you use. Utilizing strong machine learning capabilities, it will suggest edits to your writing so each part of your finished work is well-polished. 

Resume Worded

Developing a resume can get tricky when coming up with well-worded, impressive bullet points. Resume Worded overcomes this problem with its vast directory of “resume bullets” based on skill and industry job titles. 


If you want to learn more about a particular topic, FirstSearch will collect the best content from around the web and organize it into an easy-to-follow list making it simple to learn. It is great for streamlining your learning, especially when you don’t have time to compile sources on your own. 

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