VibeFlow Yoga Shakes Things Up in Del Mar

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When traditional yoga practice meets science-based technology, you get VibeFlow Yoga, a  whole new kind of yoga studio in the One Paseo center in Del Mar. Underneath your yoga mat is a proprietary studio floor using vertical vibration to stimulate various processes in the body, called Whole Body Vibration Technology (WBVT). 20 minutes of the 50-minute class is practiced with the vibration plates turned on, helping your muscles contract thousands of more times than they normally would, increasing strength and improving balance. 

The combination of yoga and WBVT are also said to increase mental clarity, reduce joint and back pain, and lower the stress hormone cortisol. VibeFlow Yoga Creator and Founder Billy Borja explained some of the science behind WBTV, “Whole Body Vibration Technology in the 20hz to 60hz range is quickly becoming a recommended protocol by experts in the areas of sports performance, anti-aging, recovery, and injury prevention. VibeFlow Yoga offers tremendous benefits for people looking to improve mobility and balance, to heighten focus, and to increase flexibility and strength while sculpting and toning their bodies.”

The plates that are used at VibeFlow Yoga cause our muscles to contract 40% more than they normally would. It was the first I had heard of this technology, but it has been used for some time by top athletes in sports performance facilities to increase strength and balance. Some physical therapy clinics also use vibration plates as part of a recovery program. Even space programs use WBVT to help astronauts maintain and improve bone density! 

You wear semi-noise canceling headphones during the class, which I had done before at outdoor yoga events. At first, I thought it would be uncomfortable to do yoga with headphones on, but the immersive audio helped me feel surprisingly centered. Through the headphones, you just hear the instructor’s voice and music, tuning out distractions. They’re cushioned for comfort and remarkably stay in place all the way through your flow. 

VibeFlow Yoga studio has a spa-like feel, with a space-age touch. There are two rooms in the studio with 21 plates each and classes are offered in three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Depending on the class level, VibeFlow Yoga incorporates either Power Hatha or Vinyasa Flow styles of yoga. Rooms are slightly heated to 76-80 degrees and the vibration plates also warm up the body, allowing for a greater stretch and deeper pose.

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