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BK Boreyko, founder of Vemma, is teaming up with Father Joe’s Villages in San Diego and Charger Shawne Merriman to make a difference in the lives of kids in need. How? With a brand new, nutritious drink called Vemma Next, designed specially for children.

BK Boreyko began “The Vemma Next Helping Now Project” by developing a product for his own children, with the help of several specialists in the health care arena. He then met with Shawne Merriman, who knew that Father Joe’s Villages was the best place to reach out to San Diego kids in need. Father Joe’s Villages houses 900 families and serves more than 3,000 meals each day. Their mission is to stabilize families, give the kids an education, and help break the cycle of poverty.

Every time a month’s supply of Vemma Next is purchased, a month’s supply is given to a child in need. The Vemma Next partners want to share their wholesome product with those who can’t afford it, giving those children who struggle for daily meals a chance to grow up healthy.

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Unfortunately many children are accustomed to poor eating habits, especially those that suffer from poverty, often skipping meals or eating bad foods. With ingredients targeted specifically for children and no preservatives or artificial flavors, Vemma Next gives children vitamins, plant-sourced minerals and antioxidants for a nutritional foundation and development.

“It’s truly going to change their lives in a way that’s measurable,” said Sally Wing, Vemma Brand partner.

Vemma also contributes a share of its proceeds to the Children’s Miracle Network.

Boreyko and San Diego friends are proud to be a part of this philanthropy. You too can take part in helping children grow strong by purchasing Vemma Next here. You can also directly help out the families at Father Joe’s Villages.

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