Ultimate Birthday Guide for San Diego

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If you are “that person” who says things such as, “it’s my birthday month” or “we are celebrating my birthday all weekend long”, then you must really love celebrating. Luckily for you, San Diego is a big play ground that is filled with ultimate activities that are waiting for you to explore. Start your birthday week or month off right, and start planning an eventual celebration.

Nothing is better than drinking wine, and relaxing on your special day and a Winery Train Tour is the best way to kick off your birthday. You will be guided through the scenic routes of San Diego on a Coaster, while sipping wine and visiting 4 local wineries. The price is $98 per a ticket, with a total of 15 tastings, creating the best birthday yet. This is a fun and creative way to get everyone together, and celebrate you. You will also receive a light lunch, and you can be a part of the optional brewery stop, to further indulge in tasty beverages.

Another fun and active way to celebrate your big day, is with a Horse Back Trail Ride. Fulfill your dreams of riding horses on the sandy shores of San Diego, and enjoy the sea life with the fresh salty air filling your breaths. Prices are $100 per person and you get two hours of private time on a guided tour with your beautiful horse. Create a day to remember with a special birthday celebration that you’ll never forget.

Take your birthday celebration to new heights with a Balloon Breakfast celebration. You can float over the Pacific Ocean, Palomar Observatory, and Catalina island, while sharing this special day with your best friends. You can also see the beautiful wine country, and be a part of a special experience. After your ride is over, you can enjoy champagne and chat about your exciting and exhilarating ride in the sky. This is the perfect day time activity, and it will give you something to reminisce about at dinner.

After you have had a day of fun activities, it’s time for the night time event. The Mai Tai San Diego Yacht is the perfect place to hangout with your crew, and the employees are ensured to make sure that your time is perfect. You can get special deals for a group of people, so invite all your friends, and drink wine and beer, while celebrating the San Diego sun, and of course your birthday.

If you want an intimate dinner with your favorite company, The Boathouse has the perfect atmosphere. This restaurant knows how to celebrate a birthday, the right way. The Boathouse is celebrating all August birthdays on the 31st until 12pm. You will receive a free prime rib dinner, and will be able to enjoy the rest of the night celebrating. This restaurant has a reputation of exceeding the limits of your expectations, and they will not disappoint on your special day. From happy hours to brunch specials, this place has thought of everything.

Celebrate your birthday in style in the city that you know and love. Here’s to another year of success and the best company by your side.

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