Tips for Recent Grads: How to Use Your College Major

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You’ve finally graduated from school with the liberal arts degree that you spent the last 4 years earning. You’re ready to find your dream job, with high hopes that it will be related to your major. Only 27% of students will join a career that has anything to do with their major. If you refuse to be a part of the other 73%, you need to be proactive in knowing what you want. Graduating can be a hard concept to grasp, and there are a numerous amount of changes happening, along with searching for a job. There are numerous amounts of jobs for all of the different and unique majors that are provided.

If you studied Communications, Journalism, or anything to do with communicating with people in school, you likely love meeting new people, and are probably interested in people as a whole, or want a job where you are constantly interacting with new personalities. Jobs in the media, magazines, or newspapers might be the job you would be a perfect fit for. Public relations is also another path that might spark your interest. Look for a career that has to do with planning, such as event planning, or where you constantly are interacting with other people of other organizations.

If you studied business, or anything to do with finance, accounting, or management, then you are likely to want a job with a fast pace environment where you will make a lot of money, and be extremely successful. Most people go into studying business wanting to leave school with a high paying job and job security (who doesn’t want that?). Business shows a structured mind with the motivation to succeed and make your mark on the world. Find a business that sparks your interests with your passions, and find out the business side of it. If you have an interest for fashion, then find out how you can work for that company on the corporate side. There are many different aspects that go into running a business, and it’s your job to find out what different parts you might be a good fit for.

Other majors that set you up to be a doctor or a teacher, have the perks of letting you constantly prepare for your job. In order to pursue one of these professions, there is a clear path that you must execute, and if you do it right, you’ll have your dream profession.

The key to using your major in the “adulting” world, is to put your passions and degree together. Find out what makes you excited, and somehow use that you execute your success plan. Success is all about planning, and knowing how to get to where you want to go. What many graduates fail to see, is that there are many different paths that will allow you to reach your main goal. There is not just one way to get to the dreams that you want to achieve, so graduates need to have backup plans. If your first plan doesn’t workout, then execute a back up plan that has the same goal in the end. It’s up to you to follow your passions, so execute a plan that will allow you to use your major in the real world, and be successful while doing it.

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