The Motivational Minute: Leading a More Meaningful Life

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What lessons in life can you learn from a first responder from September 11th? Vince Reardon asked Retired Port Authority Police Lieutenant, David Lim, just that.

Vince Reardon, motivational speaker and author of The Pocket Mentor: Insider Tips from America’s Most Successful People, explores the topic of leading a more meaningful life by sharing parts of his conversation with David Lim.

Lieutenant David Lim is one of only fourteen people that survived the collapse of One World Trade Center on September 11th. When the North tower collapsed, Lim was helping an office worker down the stairs. Lim says the one thing he remembers most is “putting her down on the floor and covering her with my body.”

In 2009, Vince interviewed officer Lim and asked him what one piece of advice would you offer on leading a more meaningful life? Lim said, “Don’t sweat the small things. Appreciate the little things…We all try living in the future. Try living more in the present and appreciate the things you have. You’ll live a better life that way.”


Over the next several months Vince Reardon will share his wisdom with us all in a new, two-part video series. The first is The Motivational Minute and the second is Insider Tips from The Pocket Mentor, which will air on Thursdays.

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