The Motivational Minute: Focus on What You’re Bad At, and Improve It

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To be successful, should you focus on your strengths or on your weaknesses?

SDEntertainer’s newest contributor, Vince Reardon, explores the topic of success in this Monday’s Motivational Minute. Vince is a highly acclaimed motivational speaker and author of The Pocket Mentor: Insider Tips from America’s Most Successful People. Over the next several months Vince will share his wisdom with us all in a new, two-part video series. The first is The Motivational Minute and the second is Insider Tips from The Pocket Mentor, which will air on Thursdays

In this weeks’ Motivational Minute, Vince explains that you should focus on what you’re weak at. The most successful people are well rounded, so focus on what you’re bad at and improve it. As told through the story of Dr. David Agus, a professor of medicine and engineering, Vince explains how focusing on what you’re bad at can help you for the rest of your life.

Find out more about Vince Reardon by reading our introductory article, and stay tuned in weekly for more Motivational Minutes and Insider Tips.

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