The Best Memes of 2018 So Far

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Memes make the world go ‘round, or something like that. The highlight of our social media feeds, they’re much better at cheering us up rather than seeing people you follow doing fun things while you’re sitting on the couch on a Friday evening. 2018 has brought up some fantastic memes so far, so sit back and enjoy this glorious roundup of the best memes of the year so far.

What’s Your Child Texting About?

Highlighting how parents often misunderstand modern millennial texting lingo, the internet has run with it to include all kinds of different topics, from tide pods to Olive Garden.

Super Bowl Selfie Kid

After Justin Timberlake stopped to take a selfie with Ryan McKenna during the Super Bowl Halftime performance, little did McKenna know he would become the face of one of 2018’s hottest memes. The kid even got a guest appearance on Ellen, so it turned out pretty sweet for him.

Gym Kardashian

Photoshopping has become the all-powerful in meme making, and it does not disappoint with Gym Kardashian. A super swole Kim looking like she could bench you with one hand? Yep. Random, but oh so hilarious.

Jennifer Garner Clapping at the Oscars

During a cut to the audience during the Oscars, Jennifer Garner is seen clapping, then suddenly completely stops and looks mortified. Why? We may never know. But boy does it makes for some solid meme material.

Lebron James and J.R. Smith

Professional sports are a goldmine of meme material, and Lebron and J.R. Smith found themselves at the forefront of internet memes with this one. Just look at Lebron’s face. Betrayal? Disgust? You can say anything about it, really. It’s a perfect personification of a “wtf” moment.

Zuckerberg’s Congressional Hearing

After Congress grilling the Zuck for a multitude of Facebook hacks, the internet had a field day with his robot-like mannerisms. A bad situation being turned into some quality laughs, everyone wins. Well, except poor ol’ Mark.

Change My Mind

Steven Crowder caused an internet storm after his “Change My Mind” series, where he asked people to change his opinions on a variety of topics. Naturally, hilarious-minded folks on the internet used this to create some spectacular memes.

Squinting Woman

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