Ten ways to beat our continuing heat wave

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Photo from 'kbaird' via Flikr

Photo from 'kbaird' via Flikr

Have you been sweating it out lately? Been too scared to step out into the daylight in fear of melting? You’re not the only one.

Tourists visiting San Diego are caught off guard with temperatures from the mid to upper 90s inland. Citizens of San Diego normally accustomed to easy breezy temperatures in the 70s have been swamped by the sticky sick feeling of summer stuffiness, and don’t know what to do about it.

Well have no fear! We are here to provide you with ten easy tips on how to beat the heat, stay cool, and keep it chill.

  • Drink Fluids – Duh. Your body needs plenty of fluids to stay hydrated and replenished. Water is the best choice to stay healthy and fresh people so please give the caffeinated drinks and especially the al-al-al-al-al-alcohol a rest for a while.
  • Eat small meals often – Your body needs to keep its energy up to battle with this heat, so keep feeding it with small portions throughout the day. Avoid high protein foods because they will increase your water loss.
  • Wear lightweight clothing – Wear clothing that is loose and comfortable on your body. Attempt to cover up as much skin as possible to avoid sunburn. If you haven’t already, it’s definitely time to put the winter clothing in the back of the closet.
  • Avoid peak heat hours – Try to keep your strenuous physical activities out of the 11 am to 4 pm range. During these peak heat hours, your body will struggle more to deal with both the heat and the wear on your body. Move your exercise time to the cool off period of the day instead, from 4-7 pm. Come on San Diego, I know you’re trying to keep up with that weight loss program or exercise regiment, but keep your body safe.
  • Cool down with showers – Another seemingly obvious solution to the hot sticky day. Make sure however, that you don’t jump in the shower right after being overheated. This sudden and extreme change in temperature can throw your body out of whack and cause dizziness and nausea.
  • NEVER leave children or pets in confined places of extreme heat – Never leave children or pets in cars, even if the window is open. This summer heat is way too intense to be taking your chances, so stay safe and bring them with you.
  • Cold Stone – No not the ice cream (although that sounds incredible right now too), but we are talking about actual cold stones. Go outside and find a few smooth rocks and put them in your freezer. After they have cooled considerably take them out and place them on a piece of fabric. Then apply them to your pulse points such as your neck and wrists for a cooling soothing effect.
  • Spicy foods? – Opposed to common belief, eating spicy foods will actually help you fight the heat. The spicy foods will increase your perspiration and help you cool off as it evaporates. Check out our dining section to find some of the best spicy restaurants in San Diego.
  • Check up on each other – We’re all in this together people, so help out by checking up on your neighbors to make sure they’re surviving alright. Be especially aware of seniors or small children that live around you.
  • THINK COOL – The mind is so powerful that your greatest weapon against the heat is to think cool. Imaging a calm cool climate can help your body relax and put you at physical ease. What better way to beat the heat than lounging in the cool sea breeze of the Bahamas sipping on a pina colada? Even if it’s only in your head.

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