Texting … the new phone call?

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textI don’t remember the last I’ve used my cell to call someone. Seriously, all of my friends know that I am NOT a phone person. Although they know this, some still like to call and talk for long periods of time — getting a call as I type this — I’ll call them back.

So, like I was saying, me and phones just don’t get along … to a certain degree. I’m the queen of texting. I think  I have over 4,000 sent text messages and that’s in a matter of a week. As I continue living day to day in this thing I like to call life, I’m starting to notice that texting isn’t only taking over my life, but tons of others as well. Others meaning those in their 20’s. For some reason people in their 30’s and over have this random confusion with texting, like it’s another language or something. Just push one button at a time people.

I was chatting with my girlfriend last night, and I had to pause the movie Heathers, because I couldn’t concentrate on the film AND listen to her talk at the same time; and you wonder why I love texting. Anyways, she told me about the new, wonderful guy she’s been dating and how they talk all the time. A couple weeks ago she was on her way from L.A. to Vegas, and she talked to him the entire way there … through texting. And the entire way back … through texting.

Are you a victim of a constant texting lifestyle? It’s gotten to a point where I meet guys and make it a priority to inform them that I won’t be calling, but I will text. Sometimes I wonder if I’m taken seriously by a guy since I won’t call him until we’re actually dating. Sometimes I forget how a person sounds because all we do is text.

Daters and horny people are getting too busy for phone sex and are trying sexting. How does one swap the sound of someone’s sensual voice to texting sexy messages? I know sexting has taken over the teenage world, unfortunately, but has it also taken over the lives of us 20 somethings as well?

Texting is taking over and it’s controlling relationships. Hell, I was dumped in a text message! People schedule dates, have sex, take interviews, all through the magic of texting. So what’s next? Is there another technology in the works that will replace texting? Will us 20 somethings ever pick up the phone and dial a number again? Or will we continue allowing the punch of letter after letter control our lives?

I’ll answer that after I send this text.


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