SD Firefighters lend a hand in Ventura blaze

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Station Fire burning our of control last week is 94% contained (Photo from Mbtrama via Flickr)

Station Fire burning out of control last week is 94% contained (Photo from Mbtrama via Flickr)

Around 10 PM Tuesday night, 50 local San Diego Firefighters prepared to take off to help with the out of control Guiberson Fire in Ventura County.

The fire has already burned 8,500 acres, 13 square miles, and is only 10% contained, growing faster and stronger as the California heat wave continues. A state of emergency has been declared in Ventura County and hundreds of homes are being evacuated in surrounding neighborhoods. So far, the only injuries that have been reported are two minor burn victims, and no homes have been lost.

The fire began due to “spontaneous combustion from manure” officials told CBS news. When temperatures are this high and the air is this dry, this is a very easy thing to occur. Santa Ana winds throughout the region helped spread to fire rapidly, following a path burned by a previous large wildfire in the area.

The Guiberson wildfire comes just days before the set containment deadline for the huge arson set Station Fire that had burned upwards of 160,000 acres of Angeles National Forest, destroying 89 homes, and claiming 2 firefighters lives. The Station Fire containment date has been moved to Thursday in hopes that the oncoming heat wave will have no effect in reigniting smoldering brush.


A Red flag warning has been issued today for San Diego county by the National Weather Service. Temperatures are to reach 10 to 20 percent higher than normal in the next few days, with an increase of Santa Ana winds.

This is the perfect breading ground for wildfires, and everyone in the county should keep their eyes and ears open for any fire sightings and evacuation warnings. Cal Fires have taken action and moved some additional important resources to the region due to the conditions.

Also, officials are asking residents to stay hydrated in what is being called one of the hottest and driest seasons San Diego has experienced in a while. Make sure your pets have constant access to water and NEVER leave them in a car unattended for any period of time. It is important to keep cool during these hot periods, where lots of sunscreen and stay out of the direct mid-day sunlight to avoid heatstroke.

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