Does a Knight in Shining Armor really exist?

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Remember that person you dated about three years ago? You know, the one that all of your friends loved and even some secretly liked. You thought that relationship would go the distance but sadly, it didn’t work out.

And then there was that real hot one, ya know, the one you introduced your parents to. Sucks that didn’t work out.

Today, there are prospectives but no one has been set in stone just yet. It’s always good to keep your options open.

Did I just describe your dating life? I probably did. Although your past relationships didn’t work out the way that you wanted, even if it ended horribly, you still kept your heart open and were able to find love again…or at least like. Hell, even if it was just lust, your emotions were still actively involved.

So, with that said, my answer to the question: Does a knight in shining armor exists? Is…yes it does.

In fact, I’ve met a few guys that made wonderful knights…just not to me. Of course I didn’t find that out until I opened my heart and put myself out there but honestly, that is the only way to live…especially when it comes to love.

While I was searching for the answer to this question, I had the urgency to ask my ex-boyfriend his opinion. I guess this situation is a little different than most because he is actually trying to be with me…again.

Obviously he said he wants to be my knight in shining armor (romantic) but there was another part of his response that stood out to me just a tad bit more, and that was, “If you let me be.”

Finding love, finding that knight is all about allowing yourself to be open and free with your heart. I am not saying to fall in love with the next person that lets you cut in line at Starbucks, although that is pretty sweet, but I am saying that you won’t be susceptible to finding a knight until you let down your guard and even allow that to be a possibility.

Now, as for my ex-boyfriend, at one point in my life I thought he was my knight, obviously that didn’t work out. Months have passed and he said that he’s changed, but if the relationship didn’t work out the first time…do you think second times the charm?

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