Officials release earthquake advisory for all of Southern California

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Small magnitude earthquakes rattled the Salton See area earlier this week which led to an increased probability of a significant earthquake hitting Southern California.

The California Office of Emergency Services issued an earth quake advisory for all of Southern California including; San Diego, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Ventura, and Riverside. The advisory is set through October 4th which warns SoCal residents to be prepared for anything.

The tremors in the Salton Sea area slightly increased the chance of an earthquake as large as a magnitude of 5 for the next four days.

The seismic activity began Monday morning in a region called the Brawley seismic zone, which is located toward the end of the San Andreas Fault. Because of increased activity, there is more pressure on the fault which eventually leads to an earthquake.

California is earthquake country and although warnings are sometimes only warnings, it is important to know what to do during an earthquake, especially if you are new to California.

During a potentially large earthquake move to a sturdy doorway or manage to cover you head and neck from falling debris. If you experience a small magnitude earthquake, simply stay where you are until the shaking is gone.

If you are outside, stay away from any buildings or trees that could potentially fall. Once in the open, drop to the ground and cover yourself with your hands.

Although it is difficult to predict when an earthquake will rattle, scientists have a pretty good idea about when and where a tremor will hit next. Because of the increased activity, scientists would rather leave Southern California safe and expecting the quake, than caught off guard.

Chances of an earthquake have only gone up 1%, however it is always good to be warned about potential activity. If you want to follow all seismic activity, visit Earthquake Track to find  areas and magnitudes of recent earthquakes.

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