NBC’s “The Sing Off” finale tonight

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My most recent obsession: A cappella singing.

Thanks to NBC’s one-week only show “The Sing Off,” I now have an enthusiastic appreciation for harmony and all music that relies solely on the singers. “The Sing Off” is more fun than any show I’ve ever seen—they sing, dance, and provide the background music with nothing but their own voices! It’s extra delightful knowing that they are the ones creating every aspect of the performance—there are no instruments, synthesizers, or any technology contributing to the sound. Check out their skills!

“The Sing Off”–all natural, all voices! With each performance I am left captivated as I repeatedly yell at the television screen, “Oh my God! They are amazing! It totally sounds like there’s instruments!” And then I tell my friends about the show and send them youtube links of my favorite performances, which is usually a sign that I’m really into something.

Unlike the other reality shows that air weekly, “The Sing Off” lasts a week and is only 4 episodes long. The fourth and final episode in which the winner will be announced airs today at 8 pm. The winner, based on viewer votes, will be granted $100,000 and a Sony recording contract. Discouraged to tune in because you missed the show last week? Read on for a quick summary and a few clips of last week’s episodes:

“The Sing Off” began last Monday with eight a cappella groups. At the end of the episode, judges Ben Folds, Nicole Scherzinger (Pussycat Dolls), and Shawn Stockman (Boys II Men) selected the top six groups to advance, while eliminating ‘Face’ from Colorado and ‘Solo’ from Nebraska. The show aired again on Tuesday and the theme of the night was popular hits and guilty pleasure songs. ‘Noteworthy’, the all girl group from BYU, was the next group to go at end of the show.

On Wednesday, the groups performed superstar medleys and a then a challenging song of the judges’ choice. The judges picked songs for each group that forced them to step outside of their normal style and comfort zone, making for several interesting performances. Despite the improvements and amazing performances made by each group, sadly two more groups were sent home. ‘Maxx Factor’, the super mom quartet from ­­­­­­Maryland, graced the audience with “Leaving on a Jet Plane” as they left the stage. Then it was time for ‘The SoCals’, the USC students and alumni, to exit the stage while singing their swan song, “Here I go again”.

Now only three groups remain—’Nota’, ‘Beelzebubs,’ and ‘Voices of Lee’. ‘Voices of Lee’, from Tennessee, add a harmonic passion and energy to every song they perform, while ‘Beelzebubs’, from Massachusetts, are exuberant performers that are always entertaining and fun to watch.  However, the group that steals my heart is ‘Nota’ from Puerto Rico. Every group so far has really impressed me by making each song come alive, but it’s Nota’s performances that always stand out to me. I’m no music expert, but they skillfully cover every detail and layer of a song that I often take for granted, from the maracas to the horns to the deep, deep bass. And of course, they always add their own Latin flavor to each performance. On the most recent episode, they sang a Jackson 5 medley that is definitely worth watching.

Although my vote goes to ‘Nota’, you have to see the groups for yourself. This is one form of entertainment that you don’t want to miss! Tune in to NBC tonight at 8pm to see who wins–will it be ‘Nota’, ‘Voices of Lee’, or ‘Beelzebubs’? Let us know who has your vote, San Diego!


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