Motivational Minute: The Value of Persistence

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Does persistence pay off? Vince Reardon says, “you bet it does.” Persistence beats resistance every time.

In this week’s Motivational Minute, motivational speaker and author Vince Reardon, explains how sales world is a great laboratory for studying the value of persistence.

Research into sales effectiveness suggests that you have to make at least five attempts at selling something before a customer buys. Despite this, 44% of sales people give up after the first “no,” 22% after the 2nd “no,” and 14% after the 3rd.

This means that 80% of sales people fail because they take no for an answer to readily. They don’t persist.

The next time you make a presentation to a qualified prospect and he says “no,” try to find out the objection and respond to it. If he says no again, but he seems like a promising prospect, say, “I’d like to stay in touch with you, would you like to call me in a month or two.” If he agrees to a call back, you’ll probably convert that prospect to a client on the 4th, 5th or 6th try.



Over the next several months Vince Reardon will share his wisdom with us all in a two-part video series. The first is The Motivational Minute and the second is Insider Tips from The Pocket Mentor, which will air on Thursdays.

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