Motivational Minute: Be Grateful

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In this week’s Motivational Minute, the last in our motivational series, speaker and author Vince Reardon explains how being grateful can make you happier.

Numerous psychological studies suggest that people who are grateful are happier and have less stress, envy and depression than ungrateful people.

San Diego businessman Walter Green has a lot to be grateful for: a successful business, a loving family, and a broad circle of friends. In June 2008, he attended the funeral of Tim Russert, the TV news journalist and host of ‘Meet the Press’. Green was impressed with the outpouring of feeling of people who eulogized Russert, but he was also disturbed. He thought, “why wait until someone dies to say what you thought of him. Why not tell him while he’s still alive?”

So Green decided to travel around the country to thank 44 men and women who gave him a helping hand at various stages of his life. Green said it made him feel tremendously happy to tell these people how grateful he was to them.

If you practice gratitude, you too will be happier and less stressed than you are today.


Tune in Thursday for Vince Reardon’s final segment of Insider Tips from The Pocket Mentor. And browse the Entertainer for The Motivational Minute, which has aired each Monday over the last three months.

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