Motivational Minute: Embracing Change

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Big change occurs when we take small, continuous steps ahead.

In this week’s Motivational Minute, motivational speaker and author Vince Reardon, explains how you can achieve and embrace change by taking smaller steps towards success.

Vince explains that many of us want to take big steps forward in our career or personal life. “We think taking big steps will produce big changes whether that means getting a promotion, solving a problem, or overcoming a fear.”

But according to psychologist Robert J. Maurer, big change occurs when we take small, continuous steps ahead. Maurer says the brain is programmed to resist change. It’s designed to trigger fear responses whenever we face a new challenge or opportunity.

When faced with change, the amygdala, the part of the brain involved in decision making and emotional reactions, alerts the body to prepare for action. And access to the cortex, the thinking part of the brain, is restricted or may even shut down.

But Maurer says if you practice Kaizen, the Japanese technique of achieving success through small, steady steps, you’ll be far more successful in life. By taking small steps you tip toe around the amygdala and never set off its fight or flight response.

Remember, great change is made through small steady steps.

Over the next month Vince Reardon will share his wisdom with us all in a two-part video series. The first is The Motivational Minute and the second is Insider Tips from The Pocket Mentor, which will air on Thursdays.

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