Motivational Minute: Appreciation

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How do you retain and motivate your best employees? Surveys show that a little appreciation will go a long way.


Showing appreciation isn’t just for employers, although that is what Vince focuses on in this week’s Motivational Minute. Consider putting this week’s advice to use with your friends and family or people you volunteer with. As Vince explains, a little appreciation can go a long way.

As Vince explains, many managers believe you have to give employees more money, bonuses or perks to hold onto them. This is not the case. The major motivator, and key reason people stay in their jobs is appreciation.

The problem is many managers act like compliments are dollar bills coming out of their bank accounts.

If you’re a manager that wants to reward your top employees, consider giving them an award, preferably in front of their peers, a plaque that they can hang on the wall, a thank you in writing from their boss, or a note from their boss’s boss acknowledging their performance.

The next time you want to reward your top people, consider appreciation. You’ll be surprised how many talented people you hang onto.


Over the next several months Vince Reardon will share his wisdom with us all in a two-part video series. The first is The Motivational Minute and the second is Insider Tips from The Pocket Mentor, which will air on Thursdays.

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