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Minimalism is a lifestyle trend sweeping through America, inspiring followers to cut the clutter in their lives, living a simpler life. So what’s the big deal behind it? Living a minimalist lifestyle, at its core, is the freedom from the countless distractions. Its core mantra is to focus on intentionality, moving away from our obsession with the material things in life.

Essentially, if you wish to live a minimalist life, you are pledging to simplify your existence as much as possible, allowing you to focus on the more important things, like family, relationships, and your passions. If this is something that sounds good to you, here are some things you can do to start your journey towards leading a minimalist life.

Declutter your living space

If you took a step back and realized it, you’d see just how much junk we own that just seems to take up space. A clean, organized space is one of the best factors in improving productivity, inspiration, and overall well being. Start small and pick a space you want to declutter. Throw away or donate any non-essential items you feel are just taking up space. This can be hard for some, but when it’s all said and done, you’ll realize most of that stuff you never needed in the first place.

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Simplify your wardrobe

Like most people, your closet is probably filled with all kinds of clothes that are rarely ever worn. If you find yourself going back to your favorite shirts and pants, try going through your closet and picking out items you haven’t worn in the last year, and commit to donating them.

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Be smart with money

Minimalism is at much as cutting the material things out as it is being smart with your money. Before you buy anything, ask yourself if it’s something you really need. Being mindful of what your money is going towards will greatly benefit your finances, and keep your life simplified. This means putting down the credit card, cutting out needless expenses, and prioritizing smart money management.

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Quality over quantity

Instead of obsessing always purchasing new material objects, try to change your mindset to prioritize quality goods. Instead of owning five pairs of shoes, focus on having a few high-quality pairs that will last you. Invest in quality objects, and you’ll find yourself less bogged down with clutter.

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Minimalize your life

Once your space has become decluttered, focusing on minimizing your life is important. We have a finite amount of energy and time to commit to things. If this is stretched too thin, you will miss out on promising opportunities. Try shifting that mindfulness you’ve created from being smart with your belongings and finances towards your daily interactions. Be sure to pick out opportunities that you think will be most essential to future success in your life.

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