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Regardless of the season or weather, luxury spas never go out of style. If it’s too hot outside, duck inside to get a cooling face mask and if it’s too cold, enjoy a warming massage. There’s something for everyone and every season, and JenniferAnn Spa & Wellness Center is just one of your many options.

As a full-service day spa and salon set in Mira Mesa, JenniferAnn is newly remodeled to reflect the belief that to be healthy, one has to have balance within their mind, body, and spirit. They strive to give their guests a customized, natural, and organic experience through their many offered services. With a team of professionals, JenniferAnn focuses on your entire being, promising you will feel refreshed and revitalized after your visit.

One can find all of the traditional services spas usually offer, like a deep tissue massage and a classic facial. However, you can also find more unique offerings at JenniferAnn, like a pumpkin peel and Reiki massages. In fact, JenniferAnn has a lot of services inspired by Eastern modalities, especially within their massage menu. They also take great care to provide health education and encouragement, wanting their guests to maintain their highest level of wellness and balance. Nutrition counseling will soon be added to help people find the best meal plan to maintain a healthy lifestyle, as well as personal training and colonics.

“We offer things such as Eastern massage modalities, more facials, like chemical peels and microderm, nutrition counseling will eventually be added, personal training, colonics, ionizing foot baths…so we really focus on a total lifestyle change for the client,” says owner Jennifer Ashlock.

Ashlock got her start in the skincare industry by working for Mary Kay, going to people’s homes and introducing them to new products. She really enjoyed the interactions but found that many of her clients desired a more sophisticated approach. “…I was having a lot of the women say that they would rather come to a facility and receive a higher end treatment and learn more about things that way than in their home,” explains Ashlock. She eventually decided to go to school to become an esthetician and since she prefers to work for herself, she decided to open up her own day spa that would provide people with a more full-service approach to health and beauty.

Aside from the spa portion, JenniferAnn also has a full-service salon for any hair and makeup needs you may have. They have qualified hair stylists who can perform any of the traditional hair needs, like cut and color, but can also do things such as keratin straightening. Sometimes treatments can be harsh on the hair but JenniferAnn always tries to keep things natural in terms of ingredients. “It’s gonna be organic so it’s a little bit better than some of the chemicals that other people use,” Ashlock promises.

Considering it’s wedding season, JenniferAnn also offers full-service amenities to brides, meant to alleviate the stress caused by wedding planning. Not only will you get help planning your wedding, you can even get a massage to help get those stress knots out of your shoulders! “We basically take care of the bride from day one until after their honeymoon, because it’s a passion for me.” says Ashlock. “I had a hard time planning my wedding and I would have loved the assistance of someone who was professional and who could help out with some of those things.”

The Stress-Free Month package is definitely an all-compassing wedding deal. It costs around $2,500 and basically guarantees that the month leading up to your wedding will be free of stress. It takes everything in the Blissful Day Package (like a consultation to discuss wedding details, rehearsal help, vendor confirmation, ceremony set-up, reception design, ensure all vendors are doing their jobs, et cetera) and adds on even more perks. You’ll get help creating your wedding day itinerary and vendor schedule, a design consultation to discuss décor and ideas, an on-site walk through, and extra check-ups on all vendor details.

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