Jayu: The Rewards Program Serving Small Businesses in San Diego

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Competition for customer loyalty has never been more tenacious. The biggest upside for us consumers in the midst of this Targeted Marketing craze is a reduction of physical junk mail and automated sales calls. The internet is getting to know you, your likes and interests, and like an imaginary friend or custom robot, finds things that you will like, be interested in and ultimately want (or need) to purchase.

Tava2 Creepy or awesome, targeted marketing tactics and brand loyalty programs are designed for humans (with money), not ‘bots’ (to boost metrics) ideally to save time and money for both the business and their customer(s). Everything from gas and groceries to office supplies and dining out can be rewarding, via rewards or loyalty card, the biggest problem of course being the physical burden of carrying all those cards and keeping track of those rewards. Many programs offer a link up with your telephone number (in lieu of carrying the physical card) but this is still cumbersome and giving out your telephone number reminds us of those unsolicited calls we just got rid of. Tava3There must be a better way for both a business and customer to have a closer, more valuable relationship.

This is precisely the conclusion reached by Andrew Parker, co-founder of Jayu which is a business he conceived while serving as a Captain in the US Army. After a decade of service and extensive travel, Andrew decided that his vanguard and specialized experience in advance Communications could be applied to a revamping of customer rewards programs and founded Jayu in 2015 (along with an International partner in Hong Kong). After Andrew attended a wedding in San Diego in 2013, his decision was made to launch Jayu in San Diego, not only an ideal business climate and offering the greatest opportunity, but ideal weather, people, housing, a complete ideal lifestyle.

Jayu’s base of operations is located in downtown San Diego at ROC (Real Office Centers) allowing Andrew to not only be physically at the hub of Jayus’ US operations but in constant contact with his Hong Kong partner according to Andrew, the added support and benefits that come with of this type of space (at ROC) are predominantly absent in most corporate real estate.

Jayu already has more than 30 businesses utilizing their proprietary and custom tailored rewards zone program that works with customers Smartphones instead of those old cumbersome cards and keychain tokens (did anyone use really those?). Jayu knows when you walk in your favorite deli or store and it may not yell your name when you walk in like on Cheers, it will issue you rewards points for visiting. Jayu is currently working with small business owners in San Diego to participate in their pilot stage program while it lasts! If you are interested, you may submit your small business on the Jayu website for consideration.


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