How to Vape More Safely

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Vaping was invented at the beginning of this century and has been getting more and more popular. Many people still have a hopelessly vague idea of how it works. This article aims to set the record straight on what vaping is and, if you choose to vape, how to do it more safely.

Before we start, it should be stated that vaping is not a harmless habit. It can be dangerous, especially for adolescents to vape. The point is that even though nicotine leaves are not getting burnt, nicotine in a liquid form transforms into vapor and gets into the bloodstream, which influences both mental and physical health.

Nicotine in Society

Even the best electronic cigarette is not safe enough to avoid possible nicotine abuse. It is essential to point out that 480,000 deaths every year result from health impairments due to smoking in the United States. According to the survey data from 2019, more than 14% of the population aged more than 18 are current smokers. Many of them confess that they tried smoking for the first time, far before 18.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gather data from all types of surveys all over the country. Visit their website for more information.

For those that chose to vape as an alternative to smoking, e-cigarettes are one of the ways to do so.

Vaping Rules

In order to vape correctly, start with understanding how your e cig works. If not used properly, the user can be damaged by the device (there were a series of vape pod explosions, which took place a couple of years ago, for example).

Freshmen in vaping should remember that e-cigarettes are much different from the usual cigarette and vaping should obey slightly different rules than smoking. If you’re making the switch, it requires an adaptation and training period.

Choosing a Device

Buying even the best e cig requires reading the manual before using the device, not after something goes wrong. If you’re starting, start simple. There are more technically advanced devices, but they can be complicated for a beginner. Simple starter kits can help to dip a toe in the water without sinking to the bottom.

Starter kits are cheap and straightforward. The price varies from $20 to $60 approximately. Some are disposable; some are not; some are prefilled, and some are not. Trustworthy vaping reviews can also help. It is also important to read some information about vape liquid components before one tries to vaporize.

Inhaling Properly

Having dealt with the manual to any vaping device, it is still important to understand how one’s body should act while vaping. Inhaling correctly is important for both one’s health and pleasure from the activity. Never try to inhale everything you can. Doing so can cause an unpleasant nicotine rush.

There are two basic methods of vapor inhaling. The first is called the “mouth to lung” method and can be abbreviated to MTL; the second is vaping “directly to lung,” or DTL.

Small vaping devices with high resistance coils and high nicotine levels work best for the first method. In fact, the mouth becomes a kind of shock absorption point on the vapors way to one’s lungs. With this method, vaping can be compared to drinking water with a straw. The inhaling steps include drawing the vapor from your device for some time, holding it inside your mouth, and then letting the vapor enter your lungs.

Large vaping devices usually have lower resistance and lower nicotine levels. They are recognized to work better for the second method, which is DTL. Some vapers like this method more because they are getting more vapor. Describing their experience, they say that it gives them an impression of using a bong. This method can be smoother for the body than the first one and, therefore, more enjoyable. The process is much more straightforward than in the first method because it involves only two points: inhaling the vapor directly to the lung and exhaling it out at once.

Studies have shown that the safety of vaping is determined by the amount of nicotine that the body gets.  It’s important to recognize that nicotine is a highly addictive substance, and vaping is not a healthy habit. However vaping as an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes does have some benefits when done properly.

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