How-To Deal With a Nasty Cold

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Catching a cold can be one of the most annoying things that can happen, and unfortunately, there’s no cure for it in sight. Once you catch it, you gotta ride it out, which can get pretty miserable. If you find yourself in the throes of a nasty cold, use these treatment tips to help get you feeling better.

Blow Your Nose

It’s important to regularly blow your nose when you have a cold rather than sniffling any mucus back into your head. This creates increased pressure in your sinuses, which can cause painful headaches.

Take a Steamy Shower

The steam created from a hot shower can be a godsend for your sinuses. A steamy shower can help your moisturize your nasal passages and help keep you relaxed. It can also help clear any mucus buildup in your lungs.

Gargle for a Sore Throat

A sore throat is pretty much grounds for making you miserable real quick. To help relieve the pain, try doing a saltwater gargle with ½ a teaspoon of salt dissolved in a glass of warm water.

Stay Hydrated

Making you sure get enough liquids can be important to make sure you don’t get dehydrated. This includes water and juice. Warm water with some lemon and honey can help loosen congestion while keeping you hydrated. Try to steer clear of soda, alcohol, and coffee, which can make dehydration worse.

Use Menthol

A small dab of mentholated salve under your nose can work wonders on clearing your sinuses. A menthol salve can help open your breathing passages, restore irritated skin, and help you clear any mucus. Just be sure you don’t get any inside your nose, as it can easily irritate it.

Sleep With An Extra Pillow Under Your Head

Getting to sleep can be really difficult when your constantly blowing your nose and coughing. To help you stay relaxed art night, trying to elevating your head to relieve congested nasal passages, helping you breathe better.

Eat Well

If you want to get better as quick as possible, one of the best things you can do is eat well. A healthy, balanced diet can help your body get nourished quicker and more effectively. There’s a reason chicken soup is recommended when your sick, as hot foods seem to work the best.

Avoid Strenuous Exercise and Focus on Resting

Physical activity isn’t bad while sick with the cold, it’s just rest is overall a better thing to focus on. Try resting as much as possible, and catch as many zzzz’s as you can.

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