How-to Beat the Blues During May Gray and June Gloom

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We are spoiled with some of the best weather in all of California majority of the year, but the inevitable May Gray and June Gloom can become a real bummer when we’re used to nice sunny days. During these times, the weather is marked with gray, cloudy skies well into the morning, sometimes stretching up until later in the day, and it can really put a damper on your mood. Did you know Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a real thing? Yes, there is actually a condition in which a person with normal mental health exhibits symptoms of depression, most commonly during the winter – and while we don’t have a “real” winter here in San Diego (compared to other parts of the nation) we are cursed with the “May Gray & June Gloom” we all know all too well. Alright, we are spoiled rotten here, but that doesn’t mean the gray skies don’t get us down. It can be hard to keep your spirits high during these trying times, but here are some helpful ideas you can use to make the most of it.


Going on a hike during these gloomy times can be a great way to lift your mindset and stay positive. Hiking has been proven to be a major factor in increasing your overall happiness, especially during times of depression or unease. Being out in nature, away from the busy rush of life, will have you forgetting about the crummy weather, giving you an overall sense of peace and tranquility. Check out San Diego’s Best Hiking Spots here.


During the gloomy days of these months, it can be easy to get in that slump where all you do is remain sedentary. However, getting up and doing some exercise can be highly beneficial for your overall wellness. Exercise is proven to be a highly effective in increasing your happiness. A study conducted with patients suffering from depression concluded that exercise of any intensity was a powerful factor in decreasing levels of despair, so use it to your advantage during these days when you’re feeling down.

Get Creative

Engaging in something creative can be a good way to battle the blues away during gloomy days. Doing creative work allows for you to get the good vibes going. Whether it be painting a picture, journaling, or playing an instrument, getting your imagination going will help you get out of the funk that this weather can put you in. 


Beach it up

Going to the beach can help lift your spirits, especially if you plan a picnic or bring along a good book. You can bring a warm blanket and your favorite snacks, and even do a little bit of cuddling with your loved ones, and you’ll be sure to kick the gloominess out for good.

Spice up your life

Even though we live on the warmer side of the hemisphere, eating or drinking something spicy can work wonders for warming yourself from the inside out. Spicy food can actually cool you by increasing perspiration and blood circulation, so maybe try adding a spicy sauce to meal to get you feeling warmer and overall happier.

Listen to Music

Music can provide therapeutic and mood boosting benefits – even sad music! It elicits feelings of comfort and pleasure that help get you out of those cold weather blues. There are music therapy programs that aim to decrease depression and anxiety. Some even say music can help one cope with physical pain, so crank up those tunes. We suggest you get out of the house and see a show. The hottest summer concerts are coming soon and you don’t want to miss out on the fun.

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