How Fitness Wearables Are Changing The Fitness World

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Wearable fitness technology is changing the way we pursue the healthiest version of ourselves. The market has exploded in previous year, and is shaping up to be a $25 billion dollar industry by the turn of 2020. With a variety of different types, there are wearables that can make an impact in your physical fitness, no matter your goals. The Apple Watch is the most recent, well-known wearable that can help you make healthier choices, but there are a wide range of options you can choose from. Despite seen by some as being another unnecessary fitness fad, looking closer reveals powerful benefits.

fitnessA study was conducted to determine what kept people motivated to continue working out. It concluded that 50% of people who start a workout program will not complete it, with many dropping it after 6 months. However, when studying those who utilized a fitness tracker, it showed that those people viewed their workouts as more of a game rather than a chore. For example, on the Apple Watch, you have activity rings that calculate your calories burned, minutes spent exercising, and whether you stood up every hour. If you complete these tasks, you are rewarded with an badge that you can share with your friends. This is a clear example of how fitness trackers can put fun into fitness, and allow you to see your progress in a clearer way.

Fitness trackers can provide a sense of safety as well when you’re working out. Many fitness trackers come with a heart rate sensor that will monitor your heart health, sleep monitors, and blood pressure trackers. If you’re working out, and your heart rate is abnormal, it can alert you that something is wrong, and even prompt you to call 911 if it judges your condition as being critical. You can even upload the data to your smartphone or tablet, and give this data to your physician so they can best determine your overall health.

A tough aspect for many when it comes to fitness is holding yourself accountable to your goals. While having a workout partner is an easy remedy to this task, it isn’t always so easy finding someone to match you in your goals. With fitness trackers, you can utilize the personalized reminders that many come with to keep you on track for your workouts. The tools that come with fitness trackers do everything possible to keep your health goals in your view, so you really have no excuse to not complete your workouts.

If you’re a seasoned athlete who wants to up their game and break through plateaus, fitness trackers effortlessly record all of your fitness data, clearly showing you your strengths and weaknesses. By seeing your results after each workout, it gives you a clear goal as to what you need to strive to achieve next. Once you’ve reached those goals, the data recorded can show you how long it took you to improve, and set news heights for you, ensuring your fitness never stagnates. This is also a great way to encourage friendly competition with others who share the same goals as you. If you reach one of your goals, you can easily share your achievements with a friend, and strengthen the bond you have with others through the pursuit of fitness.

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